Episode #50 - Vaccine Vilification and the Violence of the Venal

Episode #50 - Vaccine Vilification and the Violence of the Venal

Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast

The Russian COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik-V represents a threat to the plans of The Davos Crowd to effect a Great Reset on the world through economic and social destruction.

The vilification and rejection of this vaccine should be all the proof you need to finally be convinced that most of the response to COVID-19 was a media-created psy-op to effect political change and concentrate power further in the hands of very dangerous people.

Instead of welcoming the vaccine, which is based on other safe and effective vaccines for MERS and Ebola, our political leadership are angry and embarrassing themselves with their ignorance and knee-jerk reactionism.

It honestly doesn't matter whether the vaccine works or not, what's clear is that its mere presence has them screeching in apoplexy.

Show Notes
Sputnik V questions ANSWERED: Head of team financing world’s first Covid-19 vaccine explains formula to critics

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