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Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Handing Out Red-Pills on the Street Corner of the Culture War
Ep #144 -- Pascal Najadi and Keeping Up with the Davosians
6/1/2023 • 46m
Pascal Najadi joins me for another go-round the world as we tackle why Biden had to end COVID-19 emergency measures, the lawsuit against Pfizer in NY court, as well as what went on with UBS and Credit Suisse back in March and the US domestic political situation.Show Notes.Pascal on TelegramUS Government docs on Ukraine LabsPascal's Testimony in OttawaFDIC Insurance, Credit Suisse and the Day the Fed Killed Europe
Episode #143 - Vince Lanci and the Why Market Numbers Just Don't Matter
5/13/2023 • 1hr 25m
Vince Lanci (VBL) joins me for another conversation about what's right and wrong about current financial analysis. Vince and I make the case that it's important to remember everyone's background colors how they view markets and how difficult it is to retrain yourself to see things through a different frame.Show Notes:Twitter Conversation between Vince, Luke Gromen and LuongoLatest Fed H.4.1 Release (May 11th 2023)Vince's GoldFix SubstackLanci: Debt Default (or Deal) Could Revalue GoldLuongo: Podcast Episode #138 – Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the EurodollarThis Debt Ceiling Fight is Truly Different This Time
Episode #142 - Matt Ehret and the Coronation of King Putz III
5/11/2023 • 1hr 19m
Matt Ehret joins me for a whirlwind tour of the effects of the British Crown on global politics for the past couple hundred years and why last week's coronation of Charles III is more consequential than many want to believe.Matt Ehret LinksGlobal Britain and King Charles' Great ResetCanadian Patriot Tom LuongoThis Debt Ceiling Fight is Truly Different This Time
Episode #141 - Dexter White & Junseth and the Death of the Time Slot
4/28/2023 • 1hr 27m
Dexter White and Junseth (Junseth's World Podcast) join the show for a lively talk about Tucker Carlson, Fox News, Davos' control over the media and why we've reached the end of the era of being chained to their schedule for the information they see fit to let us think we know. Show Notes:Jeff Shell FiringDon LemonNate SilverSundance on Susan Rice
Episode #140 - Mike Hill and the Conspiracy of Film Making
4/23/2023 • 1hr 22m
Video game and film design veteran Mike Hill joins me for a chat about the importance of storytelling, the loss of quality culturally and the impact that can still be made by good ones within a corrupt and myopic industry.
Episode #139 - Dave Collum and the Night of the Long Tweets
4/19/2023 • 1hr 41m
Cornell Professor and all around gadfly Dave Collum returns to the show for a one on one about a whole lot more than we thought we were going to talk about when it started. Riffing off theories of the Pentagon Papers and going into the weeds of tri-body collision theory and 9/11 as only two veteran chemists ever could.Show Notes: Dave on Twitter @DavidBCollumRecent Dedollarization Cast on Tommy's PodcastLuongo: Unpacking "The Conversation" Around the Pentagon Papers
Episode #138 - Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the Eurodollar
4/8/2023 • 1hr 42m
Long-time Bitcoin advocate and Wall St. vetern Caitlin Long joins me for one of my favorite conversations in the history of this podcast. We try to come to grips with contradictory behavior from the Federal Reserve and the reasons why these moments are so critical to the future of not just money but humanity itself.Show Notes:Caitlin on TwitterCustodia BankCaitlin's WebsiteLuongo: Crypto Liquidity and the Lifecycle of Ponzi SchemesLuongo: FDIC Insurance, Credit Suisse and the Day the Fed Killed EuropeGGnG Podcast: Ep#133 Danielle Dimartino Booth
Episode #137 - Pascal Najadi and the Case Against Pfizer
3/26/2023 • 11m
Pascal Najadi returns with a short update on his case against Pfizer, the Swiss President and his crusade for justice in a post COVID-19 world.Show Notes:Pascal on his Pfizer Suit from Rumble
Episode #136 -- Ted Oakley and Remaining Flexible Amidst Market Confusion
3/9/2023 • 54m
Ted Oakley of Oxbow Advisors joins me for a practical get-to-know-you talk about investing in the current rising interest rate environment. It is always great to find a kindred spirit who is committed to giving people actionable information about where to place their money.Show Notes;Oxbow Advisors
Episode #135 - Vince Lanci and How We Return to Gold-Backed Money
2/26/2023 • 1hr 11m
Vince Lanci (VBL to the Zerohedge crowd) joins me for a lively back and forth about how the foundation of a new gold-backed settlement economy is building within the BRICS. We cover this from all angles and Vince's insights are a real gift to the community here.Show Notes:Vince's Links:@BoobsBullion- Gold Research that is easy on the eyesNewsletter: Special: code: TOMLUONGO Offer: Space where Tom and Vince Met:
Episode #134 -Lynette Zang and What Monsters Lurk Under the Banking System's Bed
2/23/2023 • 1hr 4m
With the global indexing rate for the past century, LIBOR, coming to an end of its reign in just a few months, I brought Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist at ITM Trading on to discuss the what this shift from LIBOR could mean for capital markets.This is a complex issue involving trillions in collateral chains breaking across multiple continents and the question is, was this an intentional bomb planted at the heart of the system or a declaration of war between various factions of banksters?Tune in to find out.Show Notes:Lynette at ITM Trading
Episode #133 -- Danielle Dimartino Booth and Why the Fed Put Has to Die
2/14/2023 • 43m
Quill Intelligence Chief Strategist Danielle Dimartino Booth joins me for a peak into the culture of the Federal Reserve and what is driving FOMC Chair Jerome Powell to pursue the most aggressive rate hike cycle in the Fed's 110 year history. The result isn't sexy, but it is fascinating.Show Notes:Quill IntelligenceDanielle on TwitterDanielle's Book, Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve Is Bad for AmericaTom's Tweet - Eurodollar Futures Curve
Episode #132 - Pascal Najadi and the Outrage of Government Health Policy
2/8/2023 • 44m
Pascal Najadi joins me again for an update on his criminal charges against the sitting Swiss President for Abuse of Office regarding the COVID-19 vaccination program, among other things. This story isn't just about the specifics of these programs but of the general push to usurp local governments by transferring their power to unelected supranational organizations like the EU commission, the WHO, the CDC and the like. This is a broader issue of the philosophy of self-determination and the need to retain personal sovereignty in the face of unprecedented assaults on it by literal demons.Show Notes:Pascal's Resources:
Episode #131 - Chris Sullivan and Why Trading Isn't Wealth Creation
2/5/2023 • 1hr 35m
Chris Sullivan Chief Strategies for Hyperion Decimus, a digital asset hedge fund, joins me for a widl talk about the ins and outs of trading, investing and why asset accumulation is the only thing people should focus on for their investing strategy. Chris' approach to markets is grounded in humility, knowing that Wall St. isn't interested in anything than collecting fees from you, rather than helping you accumulate real wealth.Money isn't wealth. Money is the path to real wealth in the things that you can pass on as your legacy.Show Notes:Chris at Hyperion DecimusChris on GGnG Podcast Episode #124
Episode #130 - Alex Krainer and Sailing the Seas of Government Cheese
2/3/2023 • 1hr 24m
Author and Market Strategist Alex Krainer joins me for another round to try and make sense of the moves made by the Central Banks this week, especially the Federal Reserve's decision to raise rates by just 25 basis points.There are a number of ways to read this move by FOMC Chair Jay Powell in the context of a hostile Biden Administration, the War in Ukraine, and the shifting landscape for US dollar dominance. Show Notes:Lyn Alden's Tweet of US Treasury Household Debt-to-GDP ProjectionAlex's Trend Compass on SubstackAlex on TwitterAlex and Tom on Shaun Newman (Eps #360, #349, #336)
Episode #129 - Mel K. and the Real Crime of Hollywood
1/28/2023 • 59m
The inimicable Mel K. is with me completing another "Home and Home" series of appearances. Mel,like her show on Rumble, is fearless and always a good time. In our last chat she let it slip to me that she spent 18 years in the belly of the beast, not Mordor on the Potomac, but in Minas Morgul on the Pacific, Hollywood.That, to me, screamed "Movie Podcast," and that's what's on tap for today. It may seem a little 'off-brand' but for us, nothing ever is. So, relax and enjoy a trip through the predictive programming wasteland that is Horrywood! (and that's a Spielberg reference, folks)Show notes:The Mel K Show on RumbleMel on GabTom's recent appearance on Mel's Show
Episode #128 - James Delingpole and the Limits of Heroes
1/24/2023 • 1hr 31m
This time I complete the 'home and home' with James Delingpole of The Delingpod for a wide-ranging, unplanned talk that sarts with Jeremy Clarkson and his struggle session over Meghan Markle and goes to dark places about where our society has fallen to while remaining grounded in the brilliance of humanity's ability to adapt, take in what is real, and overcome the tyranny of "cantillionaire midwits."Show Notes:James on LocalsJames on YouTube
Episode #127 - Bill Fawell and the Next Stage of the US Revolution
1/6/2023 • 1hr 10m
Author Bill Fawell joins me for an update on the cycle of revolution occurring in the U.S. today. Bill was on previously (Ep. 110) where he introduced his ideas about the four stages of revolution. Given the craziness on Capitol Hill going on this week, it seemed appropriate to have Bill back on.Show notes:Fawell: The Road to PartitionFawell: Applying the Structure of Revolution to the Kevin McCarthy Saga.Get Bill's Book: Notes on the Revolution - paypal or check email: $14.00Episode #110:Bill Fawell and Taking Notes on the RevolutionLuongo: Has the Counter Revolution Arrived in the US?
Episode #126 - Tom Mullen and Swirling the Monetary Abyss
1/2/2023 • 1hr 13m
My friend and fellow long-suffering Buffalo Sabres fan Tom Mullen of the Tom Mullen Talks Freedom Podcast joins me for a lively, if very geeky discussion of the Federal Reserve, monetary policy, and what's really going on with the Fed's balance sheet.Show Notes:Tom Mullen's PatreonMullen: Why is the Fed Tightening Credit But Not Money?Luongo: Rate Hikes, Recessions and the Death of Spiritual Boomerism
Episode #125 - Pascal Najadi and Taking the Fight to Davos
12/6/2022 • 55m
Pascal Najadi joins me for an update on his efforts to combat government overreach and complicity in building a control system around health passports in Switzerland. His efforts are a model for the type of direct action we can and should engage in while finding our ways around whatever idiotic controls they put in front of us. We also spend some time discussing the potential shift in the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party's support among German voters and the pitfalls in front of their leader Dr. Alice Weidel. AfD -
Episode #124 - Chris Sullivan and FTX Damage Control
12/2/2022 • 1hr 11m
The story around FTX gets deeper, weirder and more corrupt by the day. Chris Sullivan joins me to break down why and how some of the damage control surrounding FTX is operating and who has the incentives on either side of the distributed ledger to either push this thing to a crisis point or bury it under a mountain of mal-information.Show Notes:Chris Sullivan at Hyperion Decimushttps://www.hyperiondecimus.comEpisode #123 of the GGnG Podcast on Twitter @TFL1728The GGnG Blog :
Episode #123 - Dexter White and FTX's Real Crime
11/17/2022 • 52m
Dexter White joins me for the first time in a long time to add color to the ongoing story unfolding around the implosion of crypto exchange FTX. While it's obvious the corruption here is deep, Dexter lays out the mechanics and the incentives of what he believes may be the real reason why FTX wasn't what it appeared to be.Show Notes:Dexter's Article on FTX Economy: Forces: on Twitter: @TFL1728blog: www. tomluongo.mePatreon:
Episode #122 - Pascal Najadi and How the Swiss Regain their Neutrality
11/10/2022 • 1hr 10m
Pascal Najadi is back on the show to discuss the latest developments concerning Switzerland's attempts to regain its much-needed neutrality as well as the depths to which German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is compromised by the corruption of the European Union's war on Russia.Pascal's Open Letter to the Pope
Episode #121 - Matt Ehret and the Unseen Intentions of U.S. History
11/8/2022 • 1hr 31m
Author and Historian Matt Ehret joins me for a lively discussion from Aristotle's effect on modern bad historians to Aaron Burr's thrice failed attempts to undermine the American Revolution and why we should never, ever let the agents of the British aristocracy run around in the dark. Show Notes:Matt's Substack's Documentary on the Secret History of the U.S. Police State:
Episode #120 - Alastair Crooke and the Dysfunctionality of Nations
11/7/2022 • 1hr 29m
Former Diplomat and Owner of Conflicts Forum Alistair Crooke joins me again to discuss what's basically wrong with international relations at this point. From the maximization of psychopathology to the countervailing forces of populism Alistair and I try to make sense of what has become a mad, mad, mad world hurtling towards an unthinkable clash of nations in the nuclear age.Show Notes: Rule Over Dysfunctional Ruins, but They Rule me on Twitter at TFL1728The blog:
Episode #119 - Alex Krainer and Who's Really Behind the End of Pipeline Diplomacy
10/1/2022 • 1hr 23m
Alex Krainer joins me again to discuss the 'Curious Case" of who blew up the Nordstream pipelines and why. The motives, the means and the opportunity all point to those not immediately obvious to those with a passing interest in geopolitics.Alex is the author of The Grand Deception: The Bill Browder Hoax as well as the publisher of his new newsletter on Substack. can follow him on Twitter :http/ http://www.tomluongo.meTwitter:
Episode #118 - Bretigne Schaffer and Putting the Private Back Into Association
9/27/2022 • 1hr 17m
Author and host of the "What We Must Do" Podcast Bretigne Schaffer joins me for a look at how we have so much power to resist the growing tyranny to strengthen our communities through an alternate organization model.Show Notes:Bretigne's Links:http://www.bretigne.com's Links:http://www.tomluongo.meHttps://
Episode #117 - Pascal Najadi and the Growing Credibility Gap
9/10/2022 • 1hr 1m
Former Investment Banker and author Pascal Najadi joins me for a frank discussion of how the current President of Switzerland is betraying their hard-fought neutrality and what that means for peace going forward in Ukraine and beyond.
Episode #116 - Craig Hemke and the Case for a 100% Real Gold Market
8/11/2022 • 50m
Professional trader and gold market analyst Craig Hemke of joins me for a chat about what we think is happening in gold and the precious metals and what that means for the future. Craig's understanding of the guts of futures trading is invaluable.Basel III and the New Role for Gold: on Twitter: @TFMetalsTom on Twitter: @TFL1728Blog:
Episode #115 - Mark Moss - Alex Svetski and the Uncommunist Manifesto
8/8/2022 • 1hr 7m
Bitcoin podcaster Mark Moss and his partner in "wrongthink" Alexander Svetski join me for a lively discussion of their new book, "The Uncommunist Manifesto" and why a pamphlet length refutation of Marx and Engels is needed today more than it ever has been.Show Notes:Mark on YouTube: on Twitter: www.tomluongo.meTwitter:
Episode #114 - Joaquin Flores and the September to Remember
8/4/2022 • 1hr 40m
Journalist Joaquin Flores joins me to discuss what we are both seeing just over the horizon three months out from the US mid-term elections and six weeks out from Italy's snap elections.There are a number of issues out there that all seem to be coalescing around the late September period which could substantially change the trajectory of global politics. For the better or worse is anyone's guessJoaquin on Telegram: on Twitter: TFL1728Blog:
Episode #113 - Alex Krainer and the First Casualty in the New Oil War
7/20/2022 • 1hr 5m
Author and Money Manager Alex Krainer joins me to discuss the new war for control over oil and the rapidly changing landscape of the Middle East and Central AsiaBlog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728
Episode #112 -- Alex Christoforou and the Greece-Turkey Divide
7/6/2022 • 58m
The Duran's Alex Christoforou joins me from Athens, Greece to give us a more on-the-ground look at what's behind the deteriorating relationship between it and Turkey. Alex can be found at:
Episode #111 - Alistair Crooke and the End of Hubris in Europe
6/30/2022 • 1hr 10m
Alistair Crooke joins me again for an update on the unraveling of the West in the face of steady Russian advances in Ukraine and stabilization of its financial and political divorce from the West.You can find Alistair's work published at
Episode #110 - Bill Fawell and Taking Notes on the Revolution
6/27/2022 • 1hr 12m
Author Bill Fawell of the book Notes on the Revolution joins me for a discussion of the nature of revolutions, their four stages and where he thinks the US is headed in the next few years.Bill's book can be gotten by emailing him directly at
Episode #109 - Dave Collum and the Grotesquerie of Globalists
6/1/2022 • 1hr 55m
Cornell University Professor and part-time financial pundit David Collum (Twitter @DavidBCollum) joins me for a talk about the limits of Fed policy, the potential for a major financial crisis and how that ties into the World Economic Forum's stated goal of destroying Western civilization.then we break for lunch. :)Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmuARRR: zs132w864erce9x8lmcmlnv8vw05p646kp0uxy29q82ak4n9504at0sut3eu3kmscn5yqhtje2yjyv
Episode #108 - James Howard Kunstler and That Thing We Do
5/29/2022 • 1hr 10m
Author and raconteur James Howard Kunstler joins me for a wide-ranging talk about all things Bond Villain in this week's episode. Jim's unique perspective on the world is a welcome one as we try to piece together just how cartoonishly evil these Davos types are.You can find Jim at his website: www.Kunstler.comBlog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728
Episode #107 - Garland Nixon and the Emerging Left-Right Alliance
5/15/2022 • 1hr 22m
Veteran broadcaster and old friend Garland Nixon joins me this week to talk about the emerging confluence in the U.S. political spectrum of the realist left and the realist right. Tom on Twitter @TFL1728Garland on Twitter @GarlandNixonGarland on rokfin the podcast on the Fountain app and support value for value on Lightning Network.
Episode #106 - Robert Barnes and the Delusions of Davos
5/6/2022 • 1hr 5m
Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728on Fountain Podcast App: @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmuARRR: zs132w864erce9x8lmcmlnv8vw05p646kp0uxy29q82ak4n9504at0sut3eu3kmscn5yqhtje2yjyv
Episode #105 - Dexter K. White and Navigating the Sea of Lies
4/29/2022 • 1hr 38m
Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmuARRR: zs132w864erce9x8lmcmlnv8vw05p646kp0uxy29q82ak4n9504at0sut3eu3kmscn5yqhtje2yjyvBrave - click the Triangle on your Brave Search Bar
Episode #104 - Matt Ehret and the Proper Role of the Dissident as Leader
4/8/2022 • 1hr 25m
Historian and geopolitical commentator Matt Ehret joins me for a wide-ranging discussion on the current state of of world politics and what it means in a philosophical and metaphoric sense.Ultimately, the theme of the day is how do we as idea men lead people out of the wilderness to see the false reality that's been constructed for us.
Episode #103 -- Alex Krainer and the Fracturing Collateral of Empires
4/4/2022 • 1hr 40m
Alex Krainer (@NakedHedgie on Twitter) joins me for another wide-ranging discussion about the global-macro situation in commodity markets and the effects of the War in Ukraine is having on the geopolitical game board.Show Notes:Tom on Patreon: Krainer:
Episode #102 - Dexter White and Does Stage 2 in Ukraine Lead to WWIII???
3/31/2022 • 1hr 27m
Dexter White returns to discuss where we are in the War in Ukraine and what it means for both the future of Europe and the global financial markets.Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728
Episode #101 - Joaquin Flores and Whose State System Reigns Supreme
3/23/2022 • 1hr 34m
Joaquin Flores joins me for a wide-ranging talk about the history of the Russian State and how that informs the thinking of Putin's administration and their view of what war they are really fighting in Ukraine. You can find Joachin at his telegram channel http://www.tomluongo.meTwitter: @TFL1728
Episode #100 -- Alistair Crooke and Russia's Real War for Independence
3/15/2022 • 1hr 22m
This week former British diplomat and negotiator Alistair Crooke joins me to discuss what Russia's real goals are in Ukraine and giving us a unique insight into the mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people. Alistair's been on the podcast before : Episodes #19 and #69Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #99 - Dexter White and Putin's Mumu of No Return
3/12/2022 • 1hr 26m
Dexter White returns to confront his critics over his criticism of Vladimir Putin while further clarifying the need for everyone to be very discerning in their consumption of information in this world awash with all forms of bad information.It is imperative we keep our heads clear of the all the propaganda and remain skeptical of everyone's motivations. The answers are ahead of us, not behind us.Episode #98: Tom on Twitter @TFL1728
Episode #98 - Dexter White and the Fog of Truth Around Ukraine
3/3/2022 • 54m
War between Ukraine and Russia is now the Geopolitical Event of the Century. That may change in a week. For now, Dexter White and I try to go over the failure of information flow in the Age of Information.This is a dangerous era we live in today where leaders and media are so ideologically driven they cannot accept any discussion of a conflict in any rational or two-sided manner. That leads us to very ugly potential futures.Tom on Twitter - @TFL1728Gold Goats 'n Guns Bloghttp://www.tomluongo.meDonate:BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaWAVES: 3PF58yzAghxPJad5rM44ZpH5fUZJug4kBSaETH: 0x1dd2e6cddb02e3839700b33e9dd45859344c9edcDGB: SXygreEdaAWESbgW6mG15dgfH6qVUE5FSE
Episode #97 - Ron Unz and the Publisher's Minefield
3/1/2022 • 1hr 14m
This week publisher of the Unz Review, Ron Unz is with me to talk how difficult the landscape has become for publishers to remain pro-Free Speech when the forces of control are hellbent on limiting it in the name of the public good. Show Notes:Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #96 - Peter Boockvar and the Fed's Hobson's Choice on the Economy
2/11/2022 • 44m
With the Fed raising rates all the talk of the markets and my increasingly esoteric take on the political dynamics at play, this week I chat with Blakeley Advisory Group CFO Peter Boockvar about what he thinks is going on with the Fed and the central banks in general as a counterpoint.Peter's experience and clear thinking is appreciated as we move towards the March meeting of the FOMC now that the Fed has been exposed as way behind the inflation curve.Peter on Twitter @PBoockvarTom on Twitter @TFL1728Blog :
Episode #95 - David Collum and the Drone Strike of Truth
2/4/2022 • 2hr 15m
Cornell Professor of Chemistry and Gadfly Extraordinaire David Collum joins me for a long talk on the Trucker strike, COVID narrative collapse, Russia, the state of capital markets, whether the Fed is lying (yes!) and what happens over the next five years.Follow:Dave on Twitter @DavidBCollumTom on Twitter @TFL1728Gold Goats 'n Guns Blog:
Episode #94 -- Marco Rocco and the Fragile Future for Italy and the EU
2/1/2022 • 53m
I discuss the future of Italy, the state of Italian politics and the context of a failing European Union with Marco Rocco of, a finance and politics blog from Italy. http://www.mittdolcino.comIs Mario Draghi No Longer Davos’ Superman?
Episode #93 - Alex Krainer and the New Rules of the Geopolitical Game
1/25/2022 • 1hr 2m
Alex Krainer, author of the Grand Deception - The Truth About Bill Browder and the blog The Naked Hedgie joins me for the first time in three years for a big talk about the big picture of what is changing in the rules of the great Geopolitical Game.You can follow Alex on Twitter @NakedHedgie http:///www.TheNakedHedgie.comMy Blog:http://www.tomluongo.meTwitter: @TFL1728
Episode #92 -- Mark Jeftovic and Throwing Truth Bombs at the Cathedral
1/8/2022 • 1hr 0m
This week Mark Jeftovic of joins me for a Meet and Greet about crypto, our responses to COVID and why in the end technology is the great equalizer in the long run.-------------------Mark's Blog: http://www.bombthrower.comBlog : http://www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Patreon: via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #91 - Sam Texas and the Inevitable Collison of the Data Center with Crypto
12/21/2021 • 41m
Crypto is driving fundamental changes to the way data is stored, moved and computed which has interesting implications both for big data center providers like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, but also for countries which are in the throes of insanity over their domestic energy policy. Sam Texas is a veteran of the e-commerce and technology space who brings a unique perspective on where these cross-currents between the quest for decentralization within crypto and the current over-centralization of the data centers meet with prevailing energy politics and explode.Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #90 - Dexter White and Why Urea Shortages Matter
12/7/2021 • 58m
On the eve of the Biden Putin phone call to avert war in Ukraine, Russia announced an end to fertilizer exports. Last month China quietly ended ammonia exports. There is a worldwide shortage of urea needed to run not only new diesel cars but also trucks and some farm equipment.Is this a precursor to war or just another example of the damage done to the global economy by Davos and its merry band of vandals? That's what's on tap today.
Episode #89 Stephen Kent and How the Force Can Fix the World
11/22/2021 • 52m
We Travel off the Beltway to the Hydian Way to sit down with Stephen Kent author of the new book How the Force Can Fix the World to discuss what lessons we can draw out of the texts of Star Wars as well as the bitter divides within its many generations of fans.You can find Stephen's Book here: can follow me at:http://ww.tomluongo.meDonate to the show:BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaWAVES: 3PF58yzAghxPJad5rM44ZpH5fUZJug4kBSaETH: 0x1dd2e6cddb02e3839700b33e9dd45859344c9edcDGB: SXygreEdaAWESbgW6mG15dgfH6qVUE5FSE
Episode #88 - Dexter White and Why Dumb Ideas Never Die
11/2/2021 • 47m
The Wealth Tax is thankfully dead for now. Dexter White makes the argument that this is just another example of the Democrats (and Davos) pushing dumb ideas until they win through repetition and disinformation.Show NotesDumb Ideas Never Die
Episode #87 - Dexter White and the Clown Show With Nukes
10/25/2021 • 1hr 2m
Dexter White joins me this week to discuss the shenanigans on Capitol Hill and how they affect not only the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets but the bigger geopolitical and cultural landscape.Show ETF - Dare I say, "It's a Trap?!"
Episode #86 -Short Take on Why It's Time For All Good Men to Stop Fearing John Galt
10/19/2021 • 15m
The choice of who we are and what society we want to live in is now in front of us. Do we stand up and find our inner Ubermensch or do we allow terrible people like Keith Olbermann to define us as Untermenschen. It's your choice to get the shot. It's also your choice to defend the choice of those unafraid of COVID-9/11Show Notes:Episode #81 - Uberboyo and the Potential and Limits of the Individual
Episode #85 - A Short Take on Joe Biden's Call for Civil War
9/21/2021 • 18m
Merging my love of Wallace Stevens with current events has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done personally, it satisfies my inner artist, pays tribute to one of the true geniuses of the 20th century and calls the hypocrisy and vandalism of Joe Biden's supposed presidency to the mat.Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #84 - A Short Take on the Unintended Consequences of COVID 9-11
9/4/2021 • 19m
Short Takes are Audio versions of written articles published at www.tomluongo.meShow Notes:Tass - Russians reject Globalism - The Fed is Determined to Prove the QTM Right
Episode #83 -Dexter K. White and the Story Arc of U.S. Foreign Policy
8/31/2021 • 57m
There is a lot more to the story of Afghanistan than meets the eye. This week Dexter K. White and I discuss the way that story mirrors the confusion and chaos which exists within the U.S. foreign policy apparatus. Those conflicting goals and agendas really define the scope of what failed in Afghanistan and like a bad movie producer, fixing it in post-production clearly isn't working for Joe Biden.Show NotesBlog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #82 - Short Take - What If Afghanistan Is More Than Just a Failed War
8/18/2021 • 16m
Is Afghanistan the end of the U.S. Empire or the Beginning of the Return of Sanity, or both? Show Notes:Now is the Time to Strike at the Root of Confidence Problems with the FBI Start at Home : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4Va
Episode #81 - Uberboyo and the Potential and Limits of the Individual
8/13/2021 • 56m
With the world hurtling towards an authoritarian nightmare because of COVID-19 and the political response thereof, I invited back to the podcast The Uberboyo to discuss the tension between the needs of the collective and that of the individual and how that fits into Nietzsche's concept of the Ubermensch. It is an important talk to help define what freedom means and how to frame the discussion, certainly from the libertarians point of view. Because there's a lot of misconception about what individualists want and what they can help produce in the context of bowing to the needs of the community itself.And amidst all of this creepy technology how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies offer the strongest platform from which to build the next system of the world.Show Notes:Episode #57 - Uberboyo and How Creativity is the Source of ValueUberboyo on YouTube
Episode #80 - Short Take - The Problem with the FBI Starts at Home
7/31/2021 • 17m
From the FBI trying to take down Tucker Carlson to the everyday interaction with a ticket giver on the highway, the problem of modern policing began with the conversion of it from preventing crimes to enforcing laws.And until we accept this basic fact as true and re-prioritize our police into community peace officers the longer we will live under an evolving police state. Show Notes:
Episode #79 - Bitcoin and the Futility of the European Union
7/21/2021 • 32m
The European Union has officially moved to ban anonymous crypto wallets in order to protect us from cyber crime and themselves from capital flight. Theirs is a move born of ideology and futility and the clearest signal yet they are preparing for the inevitable next big crash to usher in their new Monetary Order.It will end badly for them because the U.S. and Wall St. are hip to their game. Show Notes:Bitcoin's Homegrown Hash Coming Apotheosis of the Banks #77 -- Davos and the Five Basis Points that Moved the World https://tomluongo.meTwitter: @TFL1728
Episode #78 - Dexter K. White and Blackrock's Gambit for a BLM Suburban Takeover
7/6/2021 • 44m
Blackrock's takeover of single family housing has caused a lot of ripples like Bill Gates buying up strategic farmland around the U.S. Since the WSJ article in April there has been a concerted effort to backfill this and downplay it.This week Dexter K. White joins me to discuss what this really means and how this is yet another targeted attack on the political and social fabric of the U.S. prepping it for the eventual collapse and rebirth under Davos' insane version of communism.Show Notes:The WSJ on Blackrock Atlantic's Hasty Denial @TFL1728blog: http://www.tomluongo.mePatreon:
Episode #77 - Davos, The Fed and the 5 Basis Points That Moved the World III
6/29/2021 • 41m
Part III in the series about the events of June 16th and how they likely changed the course of global politics away from the horrific Great Reset and signaled irrevocable splits within The Davos Crowd's push for global financial and political control.Show Notes:Europe: Non-Competitive Power Prices Derail Growth the Notebook: A Critical Shift in the War for Oil : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4Va
Episode #76 - Davos, Ukraine and the Week That Changed the World Part II
6/24/2021 • 37m
Last Episode we identified Davos, their motivations and how they have been manipulating events to bring about an ascendant European Union and a descendent U.S., Russia and China. This episode we drill into the situation surrounding the failed attempt to stoke a war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine and how that led to President Biden offering a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and ultimately suing for peace on behalf of that same Europe.Show Notes:Great Reset? Putin Says, “Not So Fast” the Notebook: The Coming Apotheosis of the Banks TFL1728blog:
Episode #75 - Davos and the Week That Changed Everything Part 1
6/22/2021 • 31m
What is The Davos Crowd? And how did we get to this point in the story that they are driving the bulk of the headlines while trying to remake society in their image? I've been asked by many people to answer these questions while giving a nuanced look at how I view Davos, the Great Reset and why I'm so convinced this is most important and misunderstood angle on geopolitics today.And why, June 16th may have been a major inflection point in the history of humanity.Show Notes:Davos Wants to Kill Wall St. is Coming for Bitcoin wants a Digital Future with Physical Guns
Episode #74 - Dexter K. White and Breaking the Doomporn Cycle After COVID
6/8/2021 • 1hr 3m
With the fall of both Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci recently there is a major shift in the narrative of our world occurring. And rather than get bogged down in the details of how this is playing out this week I sit down with my semi-silent partner in Gold Goats 'n Guns Dexter K. White to talk about how we perceive these shifts and some coping strategies for navigating them.Show Notes:by Dexter K. WhiteEpic Drama – Is Tim Sweeney’s Attack on App Stores a Case of Unreal Narcissism or Something Else? Tom LuongoThe Fauci Files, The WuFlu and the War to Come www.tomluongo.mePatreon:
Episode #73 - James Howard Kunstler and the Bad Bond Movie Script
5/25/2021 • 1hr 15m
This week I sit down with author and columnist James Howard Kunstler to break down the strange activity of the Davos Crowd and their Bond-villian-like plans to remake the world and make it safe of commies and eugenics.From bitcoin to the dairy farmers in upstate New York, James and I discuss the deurbanization trend that's occurring as a result of this idiocy and the mistakes a lot of folks are making moving to the suburbs.Show
Episode #72 - Crypto Rich and the Future of Privacy and Governance
5/11/2021 • 1hr 19m
With Bitcoin and Ethereum on the tip of everyone's tongue I wanted to sit down with my friend Crypto Rich to discuss what I feel are the two areas where both of these behemoths fall short, governance and privacy.Governments are moving into hyperinflation of not just their money supplies but also their surveillance powers, which is what they are spending a lot of that newly printed money on. Rich and I delve into the BPSAA, the recent meteoric rise of Pirate Chain and where the industry is headed along that front as well as the pros and cons of he current state of the Decentralized Finance, DeFi, space.Show Notes:LuongoThe Central Bankers are Coming, The Central Bankers are Coming.... for your Bitcoin!, It's Not a "Real" Truck RichYouTube:​Odysee -​Youtube -​Telegram:​Twitter –​Lbry -
Episode #71 - Patron Q&A #2 - Will Crypto Save Us From the Great Reset?
4/27/2021 • 1hr 39m
This week's show is a Q&A between myself and my Patrons on Patreon hosted by the Conservative Hippie, Jay Fratt. We cover a wide range of things including how cryptocurrencies and gold will evolve through the multiple geopolitical crises occurring currently as well as how the World Economic Forum's Great Reset is pushing the world to the brink of war in the Donbass.My patrons are truly astute and talented people who ask some of the most challenging things. Show Notes:The Conservative Hippiehttp://www.conservativehippie.comGold Goats 'n Guns on Patreon
Episode #70 - Ryan Christian and the Censorship of the World We Want
4/6/2021 • 1hr 17m
This week Ryan Christian of The Last American Vagabond joins me for a frank discussion about the consequences of big tech censorship and where it leads us as a society and what some of the potential solutions are, including the promise of the blockchain.I relish the opportunity to formalize connections with folks whose work and passion for their calling I respect and Ryan certainly fits that bill. Show Notes:www.thelastamericanvagabond.comPatreon, Censorship and the Self-Inflicted Wound
Episode #69 - Alistair Crooke and the Costs of the Civilizational War
3/16/2021 • 1hr 22m
This week I have the great pleasure of catching up with Alistair Crooke, owner of Conflicts Forum, and regular contributor at Strategic Culture Foundation. Mr. Crooke was previously on the podcast in Episode #19 more than a year ago. A lot has changed since then and he brings his wealth of real information about the Middle East to our discussion of the big game playing out of the world stage. Show Notes:Crooke's Latest:
Episode #68 - Dave Collum and the Reality of a Narrative Dominated World
2/23/2021 • 1hr 37m
This Week I sit down with Cornell University professor and all around gadfly David Collum for a classic 'Get-to-Know-You' session where two data-driven, science-trained guys try to parse the conflicting narratives surrounding everything from election fraud, to the threat to the U.S. posed by China, Europe and our own governments.We explore both of our journeys through the haze of Climate Change, the history of the data manipulations and why we're now at a precipice of one of the darkest periods in human history. Show Notes:Dave Collum on Twitter to the show:Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #67 - Patrick Henningsen and Will the Real Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Stand Up
2/9/2021 • 1hr 5m
This week I sit down with investigative journalist Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire to discuss the conundrums that are would-be tech oligarchs Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of SpaceX/Tesla to try and figure out what their real plans are for profiting off the space race that is just now taking shape.Bezos shocked the world with his announcement of his stepping down as CEO of Amazon and the question is did he do this to focus on his space company Blue Origins. Patrick and I explore that within the context of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and how that impacts decisions being made by Russia and China.Show Notes:What Jeff Bezos' Resignation as Amazon CEO is Really About What Exactly Are the Politics of Jeff Bezos?
Episode #66 -- Robert Barnes and Why Levitathan is Overplaying its Hand
2/6/2021 • 1hr 11m
Trial Lawyer and fierce critic of all things woke, Robert Barnes joins me this week to discuss the best way to go after the big Tech firms for their over-application of their Terms of Service, why Section #230 is a trap for conservatives and free speech advocates and how AOC just torpedoed her chances of every being taken seriously outside her 3% echo chamber on Twitter.Show Notes:Barnes and Frei on Localsvivabarneslaw.locals.comBig Tech's Purge is Just Beginning.... For Them
Episode #65 - Alex Mercouris and the Brave New Post-Trump World
1/19/2021 • 1hr 36m
The world is now completely different post-Trump and post-Capitol Assault. The incoming Biden Administration will use this event, which unnerved them greatly, to justify an insane ramping up of power. This week I sit down with the brilliant Alexander Mercouris of The Duran ( to discuss the ramifications of this post-Trump, post-Coup United States.From Europe's role in these events to the backlash the European Union is facing from he Coronapocalypse, Alex and I go through a number of hot button and long-simmering problems now facing the increasingly decrepit Joe Biden and his cabinet of crazies and neoconservatives.We even look at how Russia will use its political stability and foresight on cryptocurrency legislation to benefit itself greatly as the EU and the US duke it out for control of the West.Show Notes:The Duran -- www.theduran.comLuongo - Russia Wins Oil War With Saudi Arabia podcasts with Alex:Episode #28 #16
Episode #64 - Listener Q&A, The End of the Cycle and Why Crypto Will Save the World
1/12/2021 • 1hr 40m
I fielded questions from my Patrons on any number of subjects and with the help of Guest Host Jay Fratt, the Conservative Hippie, we answered them and a few others. From cultural issues to monetary policy and the big picture on cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, we give voice to what I think is the most wise and interesting audience in the world, validating he entire Gold Goats 'n Guns community.Thank you all for the questions and thank you Jay for the time. This show was recorded the Monday (1/4) before the dramatic events at the capitol. So, there is no discussion of that. I will put my thoughts together on that in the very near future.Show Notes:The Conservative Hippie Podcast:https://www.theconservativehippie.comEpicCashhttps://epic.techDecred:https:/www.decred.orgWaves:https://waveplatform.ioGold Goats n' Guns on Patreon
Episode #63 - The End of 2020 and Predictions for 2021
1/5/2021 • 33m
I don't think anyone would disagree that 2020 was a difficult year. 2021, in my view, will be worse along a number of vectors. This week I give you 7 predictions, some specific, some general, about where we are headed and why.Bottom line watch the crypto-space carefully and for politicians to have eyes in the backs of their heads.Show Notes:Donate to the podcast via crypto:BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oEDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
Episode #62 - Jim Jatras and the Big Question Facing Post-Trump Americans
12/15/2020 • 1hr 14m
With the electoral college casting their votes today and Joe Biden declaring himself President, I sat down with former diplomat and adviser to the GOP Senate Jim Jatras to get some distance from the ins and outs of the election wrangling and project into the future regardless of who is inaugurated on January 20th.Jim's insights into the bigger picture, both spiritual and pragmatic, are certainly valuable and a great addition to the discussion of the great civilizational struggle occurring across the world today.It's always a great pleasure to sit down and talk with people whose work and life experience I respect and admire. Without further ado.Show Notes:Jim Jatras at Strategic Culture Foundation
Episode #61 - James Kunstler and the Limits of Fraud and the Great Reset
12/3/2020 • 1hr 1m
This week I had the great pleasure of sitting down to a chat with James Howard Kunstler author of more than twenty books including The Long Emergency, The Geography of Nowhere, and the World Made by Hand series of four novels set in post economic crash small town America. We cover a wide range of issues surrounding the election fraud of 2020, the hypocrisy of the COVID-19 crisis and how the forces of decentralization will overwhelm the the planned Great Reset of human society by the World Economic Forum and their well-placed toadies in our governments.Show Notes:Kunstler: De-Growth Will Define How We Live In The Future his work over at www.kunstler.comLuongo:The Great White MOPE of American Politics
Episode #60 - Crypto Rich and How Privacy Coins Thwart the Great Reset
11/25/2020 • 1hr 6m
Bitcoin is all the rage right now, angering gold bugs, drawing attention of corporate sponsors. But what is lurking below the surface is the issue of privacy. In a dramatic push for the end of privacy governments and corporations around the world are deep into building a medical passport system that bypasses national and local governments and makes a mockery of the ideas of human individuality and dignity.Into this discussion are the so-called 'privacy coins' within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. What are privacy coins, which are the best ones and how does the technology at the 'layman plus' level work? That's what my friend Crypto Rich attempt to unpack for you today.Because with them building a technocracy of ultimate control the only way to fight that is by removing as much capital from their system as possible, preserving not only wealth by vitality and spirit for the future. Show Notes:Crypto Rich Bit Tube: Tube: Chainhttp://www. pirate.blackKomodohttp://www.komodoplatform.comSentinal DVPNsentinel.coDumb Why I Hate Bitcoin Article
Episode #59 - Election Fraud and the Fate of Human Liberty
11/17/2020 • 22m
We're two weeks out from the U.S. presidential election and the way I see things now, this is our moment to stand up and demand these people stop beating us or we're going to get everything we deserve from them.The choice now is between struggle sessions and secession. But secession starts in your heart and your head. Become #Ungovernable or be destroyed, because that is the choice in front of you. No deep political strategy this week just a Tom Paine like call to arms and to remind all those cheering the apparent victory of Joe Biden over populism, that which you steal will be taken back and you won't like the way that happens.If you aren't outraged you aren't paying attention. Show Notes:Unraveling the Deep State Coup and Poland Scuttle the EU 7 Year Budget
Episode 58 - Donald Trump and the Exspoliation of Voter Fraud
11/10/2020 • 31m
You say you want a revolution? Well, how about exposing systemic voter fraud and the consequences for running an operation of that magnitude. This week I ponder the outcome of Trump's legal challenges in the state of Pennsylvania in conjunction with Samuel Alito's order to sequester late ballots there.It's possible justice will be served in all of this but the D.C. swamp is deep and the corruption vast. Trump faces a real uphill battle against public opinion, the oligarchy arrayed against him and the media shaping everyone's thoughts.But, in the end, what matters is truth and not our feelings. They chose civil war and now they get to find out just what that looks like. Honestly, I don't think many are prepared for the backlash from the right no matter how this turns out.Show Notes:Civil War it is, Then.
Episode #57 - The Uberboyo and How Creativity is the Source of Value
11/3/2020 • 1hr 27m
Election day is a singular moment in time with the potential to change a great number of things. It was important to me to sit down with someone working on what some of those changes may look like and what those coming behind me are thinking about.This week's talk is with The Uberboyo, a rising star on YouTube's philosophy corner who, I feel demands a wider audience and whose interpretations of Nietzsche and Jung overlap really well with the non-aggression principle and the basic law of economics as practiced by normal people, i.e. Austrians.Sit back, relax and listen to one of the most fascinating people working today.Show notes:@Uberboyo on Twitter on YouTube Jung's Red Book - Did He Go Crazy or Predict the Future?
Episode #56 - Patrick Henningsen and the Singularity That is Trump
10/27/2020 • 1hr 24m
One week from the U.S. election and everything is coming together into a perfect singular moment. This election has become a singular point in time that will tell us what the world will look like on the other side of it. We are truly entering a black hole and it all depends on what statement the American people make on November 3rd. Will the forces of collective control beat down the natural human opposition to tyranny or will we sink further into the depths of cultural depravity. I know what I'm rooting for. It's too bad so many don't see the larger picture. Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire most certainly does and this week's chat is a great one to focus our attention on the consequences of an election for the ages.Show Notes:21st Century Wire
Episode #55 - Whitney Webb and Wading Through the Sewers of the New Normal
10/13/2020 • 1hr 14m
This week Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb is with me to discuss what's happening with Operation Warp Speed, the deep connections to DARPA, the DoD, U.S. Intelligence and how that ties into the planned total surveillance state which it seems no one, not even President Trump, can or even wants to stop.Whitney's one of the finest journalists working today and it is an honor for me to have her on as a regular guest. Her work dovetails perfectly with the overreach of governments in the financial sector to effect the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, coming to a theatre of the absurd near you in 2021. Show Notes:Whitney Webb on the Webhttps://unlimitedhangout.comhttps://www.thelastamericanvagabond.comThe Secret 'Corona-Thrax' Project & The Impending Bio False Flag HHS AI Platform to Predict US Covid-19 Outbreaks Weeks in Advance Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret
Episode #54 - DonaldTrump's Brush with COVID and the Unraveling Coup
10/6/2020 • 23m
President Trump exited last week's shambolic debate with Joe Biden supposedly in real trouble except that he wasn't trying to convince the blue-check marks on Twitter and the media. He spoke to the right people, the voters to whom leadership through example and strength of character matter.Then he contracted COVID-19 the bogeyman of our age and beat it like a boss in three days while his people targeted CIA Director Gina Haspel's role in the soft coup against a sitting president. The screeching you hear today is the sound of a million terrible people crying out in terror into sudden irrelevance.Life is good.Show Notes:Brave Referral Code
Episode #53 - Turkey's Erdogan and What Happens in Armenia Stays in Armenia
9/29/2020 • 30m
While presidential politics are all the rage here in the U.S. on the other side of the world Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is making a mess of things in a place called Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan.And while that may not seem all that important in the grand scheme of things, this ages old conflict is actually both interesting and important to the future of the geopolitical landscape in the Middle East and Central Asia.Everyone from the U.S. to France to Russia to Iran and Israel have interests in this conflict from pipelines to political power plays and Erdogan, as always, thinks he sees an opportunity for himself to expand Turkey's influence in the region, make a few friends and betray a few more.It's nothing new, but it also finally reveals the motivations of all the players, what their incentives are and who's pulling who's chain as it were.Show Notes:The Duran on the latest Nagorno-Karabakh ploy - Armenia Heats Up as the Proxy War Continues - Pipeline Wars: Realpolitik meets Geography
Episode #52 -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Legacy of Tyrants
9/22/2020 • 26m
Eulogizing tyrants is simply the wrong thing to do. Ginsburg was a tyrant of the worst kind, one who thought of herself as the Hero of her own story. It is that type of thinking that allows tyrants to justify any and all behavior no matter how rotten. Her clinging to power was an object lesson to her disciples that power is all that matters because all ends justify the means to achieve it. I won't eulogize her or her "amazing life," since it left the country even more divided on the edge of a real Civil War for control over the levers of the power in D.C.A power none of the people there should wield. Like John McCain before her, she knew what she was doing and why, and her spite was clear to the world. Hopefully, President Trump nominates the right person to replace her to begin reversing the degradation of our civil society. Show Notes:Barnes and Frei Discuss RBG Replacement Strategy McCain is Dead, Good Riddance referral code:
Episode #51 - Alexander Mercouris and the Long Reach of Brexit
9/15/2020 • 1hr 14m
This week I sit down with the Editor-in-Chief of The Duran, Alexander Mercouris, to discuss how the latest twists in the Brexit saga are having far-ranging influences on not only American politics but most especially European politics. There is a fascinating parallel between the political fortunes of Boris Johnson in the U.K. and Donald Trump in the U.S. Both have the extraordinary opportunity to crush their 'liberal' opposition who have far over-reached in their attempts to undermine the governments and societies of the U.S. and U.K.This over-reach is having spill over into Europe where German Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking more and more over-matched as she navigates the final betrayal of the German people while trying to hold together political strength to get Nordstream 2 completed to the satisfaction of powerful German industrialists.Show Notes:The Duranhttp://www.Theduran.comDuran Video: Merkel's Search for a Way out of Navalny Mess Pushes the EU to the Brink over Brexit
Episode #50 - Vaccine Vilification and the Violence of the Venal
9/8/2020 • 21m
The Russian COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik-V represents a threat to the plans of The Davos Crowd to effect a Great Reset on the world through economic and social destruction.The vilification and rejection of this vaccine should be all the proof you need to finally be convinced that most of the response to COVID-19 was a media-created psy-op to effect political change and concentrate power further in the hands of very dangerous people.Instead of welcoming the vaccine, which is based on other safe and effective vaccines for MERS and Ebola, our political leadership are angry and embarrassing themselves with their ignorance and knee-jerk reactionism.It honestly doesn't matter whether the vaccine works or not, what's clear is that its mere presence has them screeching in apoplexy.Show NotesSputnik V questions ANSWERED: Head of team financing world’s first Covid-19 vaccine explains formula to critics Referral Code
Episode #49 - Doom Patrol v. The Woke Patrol and the Peak of the Meaning Crisis
9/1/2020 • 31m
We seem to be turning a corner on the Meaning Crisis which has been building for nearly 300 years. And it may have found its way into popular culture in the most unlikely of places, Doom Patrol.As Hollywood struggles with a new normal where they are marginalized in an economic depression, the emphasis on stories that move us rather than wow us is what they will have to do to survive. And that means coming to real terms with the observation "Get Woke, Go Broke!" This meaning crisis, like all things political, is downstream of a concerted effort to destroy and dismiss culture as something valuable to us. It informs all aspects of our political struggle against the technocrats of The Davos Crowd, the European Union, the U.S. Deep State and the Chinese Communist Party.Nearly 30 years ago Grant Morrison took a comic on the edge of extinction and gave birth to something truly magical which was the first real attempt to use the comic book as a means to refute the emptiness of post-modern Marxism. Today the TV show may be on the verge of something equally important.Show Notes:Animal Man #5 - The Coyote Gospel (view as an image series)Alistair Crooke: The Dissolution of Universal Liberalism Patrol TV Series: Ethics of Liberty
Episode #48 - President Pelosi and How to Steal an Election You Didn't Win
8/25/2020 • 22m
Now that the Democratic Convention is over and they have revealed their lack of policy proposals for the coming term it's clear that they know they cannot beat President Trump in a fair election.So, now the only path to victory for the Democrats is to invoke a 20th Amendment process after refusing to concede the election by inauguration day. This would bring about elevating Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the White House and create complete chaos as to who is actually the President. Pelosi's recent media appearances make this abundantly clear as does the Democratic messaging that Trump is trying to steal the election through mucking with the U.S. Postal Service. Will it work? Should it work? Good questions....Show Notes:Brave Referral Code Calls Republicans "Enemies of the State" Calls on Biden Not to Concede Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Episode #47 -- Susan B. Anthony and the Limits of Trump Derangement Syndrome
8/19/2020 • 19m
President Trump just can't help himself. When you have an opponent as dumb as the folks at the DNC he has to take advantage of them. His pardoning suffragette icon Susan B. Anthony was a stroke of political genius and proves that he's very much committed to his re-election campaign.It also proves that he's his own best strategist and possibly the world's most accomplished troll. This week I go over the 8 reasons why Trump used the Left's own TDS against them in a way that exposes them even more while hijacking the coronation of Joe Biden as the worst candidate for president since Bob Dole.Show Notes:Brave Referral Link Susan B. Anthony Doesn't Deserve your vote
Episode #46 -- Donald Trump and the Brilliant Assault on Social Security
8/11/2020 • 26m
Donald Trump's four executive orders from the past weekend may be constitutionally questionable but they are unquestionably brilliant political theatre. Trump may have just won the election by turning the usual Democratic bogeyman of Social Security into a coup de grace for the ages.Social Security isn't just the most onerous and regressive of taxes on the working poor it is the most racist as well when viewed through the lens of demographics. By suspending tax collection through year end and threatening to make it permanent on his re-election Trump is telling everyone he's serious about changing the way we do business in America.And that business should be done locally, at reasonable costs and without the rampant social engineering of clueless power-mad oligarchs who hate the working poor and middle classes.Show Notes:Trump Destroys Abusive Democrats in Stimulus Showdown
Episode #45 - Clueless in Seattle
8/4/2020 • 21m
With the politicians in Seattle hell bent on removing President Trump from power they have now advanced legislation to do away with their self-evidently racist police department. This move is a mix of cynical political theatre and insipid over-reaction to what are real problems of unfairness in the current American system.But these are not people ready to accept responsibility for the freedom they demand. Their blame-shifting the city's problems ion systemic racism is all the evidence we need to convict them of a kind of willful cluelessness that can only originate with the ideologically blind.They are not ready for the responsibility of real freedom. And the solution is not scapegoating the cops but rather blaming themselves for demanding others to pay the price for their broken promises.Show Notes:The Big Lie: The EU is Fixed, The Dollar is Dying and COVID Will Kill You Moves to Replace Police
Episode #44 - Mischa Popoff and the Roundup Crisis
7/29/2020 • 54m
Today's talk grew out of an interview I did earlier touching on the reasons why I thought Bayer bought agribusiness giant Monsanto. This led me to a man named Mischa Popoff who gives a sterling talk on how Bayer is building a wall around the future of not only its Roundup business but the whole of the food supply for the world. Show Notes:COVID-19 and Roundup: An Immuno-Comprised Marriage from Hell
Episode #43 -- Whitney Webb and the Web of Deceit of the Elite
7/21/2020 • 1hr 5m
Investigative journalist and all-around outstanding human being Whitney Webb sits down for a chat this week about the deep ties Ghislaine Maxwell has to the recent events concerning Deutsche Bank. Whitney and I discuss the role William Barr may be playing (or not playing) in how these events unfold. We touch on the extent of the web the elite weave to keep us first distracted and second confused as to what all of it means while frustrating our search for justice and meaning. In the second half of the show we talk about the effects of the weaponization of AI to rob us of our basic humanity while they build a police state built on medical lies surrounding COVID-19.Show Notes:Whitney Webb's archivehttps://www.unlimitedhangout.comhttps://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com
Episode #42 - Ghislaine Maxwell, Trump and Why Brexit Hangs in the Balance
7/7/2020 • 32m
Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest has created quite a stir and the question that should be foremost in people's minds is, "Who's got her and who is she protecting?" Maxwell, as Jeffrey Epstein's COO was the brains behind the operation.She's the one with the real information and if that information is now even partially under control of President Trump and his Attorney General WIlliam Barr as opposed to the bad apples in the SDNY then the rest of this summer heading into the election gets very interesting.Maxwell's ties to British Intelligence and Israel's Mossad play into this as does the EU's final attempts to scuttle Brexit and bring the U.K. to its knees. This is the ultimate power play that spans two generations of entrenched players on both sides. The future of the West may actually hang on what happens to her in the next couple of days.Show Notes:Maxwell Didn't Commit Suicide by Getting Arrested’s Failed Attempt to Start WWIII Is the Beginning of the End in Syria
Episode #41 -- Molyneaux, The Great Purge and Why The Dark Knight Always Rises
6/30/2020 • 33m
With the banning of Stephan Molyneaux by YouTube, a man with more than 1 million subscribers, we've reached the book burning stage of the U.S.'s Cultural Revolution and it's being televised in real time, no less. Gil Scott Heron was wrong. The problem is the real revolution we need won't be televised, it may not even happen until after we're plunged into a chaotic breakdown that was beautifully described in Christopher Nolan's 2012 film, The Dark Knight Rises.Recently I rewatched The Dark Knight Rises and it floored me with its prescience in predicting where we would head as the consequences of the false recovery post-Lehman Bros. and Occupy Wall St. would play out on the streets of the U.S. in 2020.And in doing so, I overcame a lot of my reservations about Nolan and his work after years of questioning his motives. So this week's cast is as much about my skepticism of Hollywood as it is about the work of a unique and talented artist's ability to 'get there first.'Show Notes:‘The God That Failed’: Why the U.S. Cannot Now Re-Impose Its Civilisational Worldview We Escape Control of The Wire? Nolan's Filmography
Episode #40 - The CHAZ is Dead, Vive La Black Revolution
6/23/2020 • 30m
The short-lived experiment that is/was the CHAZ in Seattle is just one of three avenues of attack against the Trump administration being pursued in the first Real U.S. Civil War. This is the Black Revolution, cut from the same mold as previous Orange, Violet, Green and Brown revolutions in Eurasia and North Africa.So while the CHAZ will end with a whimper it will also fail falling forward as newly-minted Antifa radicals will be created when the police roll in. We're staring at future powder kegs when the verdicts are handed down for the police officers involved in both George Floyd's and Rayshard Brooks' deaths.And the election will not be decided by votes, but rather protests and the potential is high for a coup orchestrated from the streets of Washington D.C. in the next six to nine months.Show Notes:Is the CHAZ the new Maidan? is the New Black in Color Revolutions The Way Back Home
Episode #39 - The CHAZ, the Trump Flotilla and the Unbridgable Gap
6/16/2020 • 27m
The Civil War in the U.S. continues to heat up and events over the past week reinforce this idea to me. This week I cover both the formation and reinvention of the CHAZ -- Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone -- in Seattle as well as my own experiences with the Trump Flotilla here in Florida.There are two completely separate cultures who will continue to clash politically and socially and they will not be reconciled by something as tawdry as an election. The U.S. is headed for that ugly future I've been writing about for weeks and the people who have unleashed this chaos have no idea that it will grow far beyond what they initially intended.Notice how this has nothing to do with George Floyd anymore, which may be the saddest comment on the entire affair.
Episode #38 - Can America Survive the Civil War Now Underway
6/9/2020 • 24m
The fires may be out for now, but they have not been fully extinguished. The Culture War of the past ten years has quickly exploded into a Civil War. It doesn't matter that this explosion was amplified by agent provocateurs and cynical political operatives hoping to retain control over the power centers.This cultural inversion, in the words of Jonathan Pageau, that we have been going through these past four years in response to the election of Donald Trump is accelerating quickly and will reach its zenith with the November election.And in the cycle of human civilizations after inversion comes death. What kind of death will it be? And what kind of rebirth will occur on the other side of that. Show Notes:Jonathan Pageau - New Media Pundits | The Ragtag Heroes of an Upside Down World Occupy White House Enters its Final Act #9 - The Rise and Fall of Star Wars This to Slip Would Be the ‘End of Empire’
Episode #37 - Garland Nixon and the Rage Against the Machine
6/4/2020 • 1hr 4m
With everything happening at a breakneck pace it seemed prudent to do another one this week and talk with radio personality and former police officer Garland Nixon about the state of things in the U.S. Garland and I discuss the underlying rage and discontent that has been brewing for months in the U.S. at the unfair and rotten system which has driven hundreds of thousands around the world into the streets to vent that rage.The problem is, of course, that this rage is being misdirected and used by very sinister people to achieve terrible political and social goals through violence, looting, rioting and generally carrying on cranky.And we're all being abused by it. Something deep and abiding has to change within us before we can ever attempt to change the system we are a part of. And it is great to see two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum agree about so many fundamental aspects of this current crisis foisted on us to accelerate the descent of our civilization.Show Notes:Episode #5 - Garland Nixon and Chasing Down the Lies on K Street America: Be Careful What You Wish For Screen, Two Movies, Three Times the Trouble Pool - Exposing Antifa Tactics and Why They Are Fake Anarchists
Episode #36 - Yra Harris and the Victory of the European Union
6/2/2020 • 57m
Legendary trader and blogger Yra Harris drops by to discuss the changes coming to the European Union thanks to Angela Merkel's betrayal of the German people. Debt mutualization is on the table and the acquiescence of the German political class to the financial realities of Europe's mess will usher in, slowly and with a lot more pain for everyone, consolidation of power across Europe.Yra and I also discuss the situations brewing in Hong Kong as well as the U.S. and how the financial world is teetering on a knife edge of deflation, wobbly currency pegs and feckless leadership.Ahh... good times.Show NotesYra's Notes from Underground Blog Connolly's The Rotten Heart of Europemailto:\\rottenheartofeurope@gmail.comPodcast Episode #7 Yra Harris and the Rotten Heart of Europe
Episode #35 - The Fight Over Brexit is a Fight Between Central Banks
5/26/2020 • 23m
Brexit is back in the news as we approach the deadline for extending the Transition Period between the U.K. being under the auspice of EU law. There is still no appetite within the EU to allow the U.K. to leave on terms which satisfy the Brexit referendum of 2016.If the U.K. caves and files for an extension by the end of June then the Brexit saga will last another two years. EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier continues to ply a hard line which has, to this date, gotten him absolutely nothing from the U.K. since the day Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. This week I discuss these dynamics and how a shifting global power structure represented by Donald Trump, Brexit and the populist wave across Europe continues to erode the EU's leverage in Brexit talks. Does Johnson have his ducks in a row to walk away in December on WTO terms? It's a good question.Show Notes:EU Ready to Ease Demands on Fisheries EU Are a Bunch of Karens: Barnier Complains About Brexit Talks Johnson and Macron Engineer a Hard Brexit in October?
Episode #34 - Jake Yocom-Piatt and the Case for a Return to Sovereign Money
5/19/2020 • 1hr 13m
This week I go off the beaten path a little bit to talk with the Project Lead for one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, Decred, Jake Yocom-Piatt. Jake is a very astute critic of not only the monetary system but the cryptocurrency development scene. Getting his insights into the future of bitcoin and cryptos in general as potential monies in a post-Central Bank dominated world I thought was necessary at this moment in time. With the latest halving of the Bitcoin reward pool occurring against an unprecedented collapse of the global financial system, there will be a lot more people trying to make sense of why we utilize capital the way we do.Trustless systems like Bitcoin and Decred are the true harbingers of what comes next for humanity.Show Notes:Decred:http://www.decred.orgThe Necessity of Bitcoin as Reserve Asset Foundation of the Next Cryptocurrency Bull Market
Episode #33 -- ObamaGate is the End of the U.S. as We've Known It
5/12/2020 • 28m
President Trump tweeted out #ObamaGate recently after the transcripts of the Impeachment interviews conducted by Adam Schiff went public. These confirmed that there was a massive operation to spy on him, his campaign and that no one in the Obama Administration was willing to testify to his guilt under oath.RussiaGate wasn't just a hoax, it was an elaborate false narrative to overturn an election, cover for a guilty now-ex President who had routinely mobilized U.S. law enforcement and intelligence assets to spy on not just Americans but his political opponents.The scale of it makes Nixon's Watergate look like the amateur hour it was. And Obama's future as the trusted face of the oligarchy I call the Davos Crowd is in in serious jeopardy as a vindictive Trump is now clear to go on the warpath on his way to re-election.Show Notes: Duran's Analysis of ObamaGate Podcast Episode #2: Epstein and the Post Dorothy Oz
Episode #32 - Hang the Fear Mongers - It's Time to Lose the Fear of COVID-19
5/5/2020 • 26m
The lock downs are ending and the fear mongering is ramping up. The natives are getting restless and the powers that be are desperately trying to hold onto their useful idiots who think being afraid of a bad cold makes them the smartest people on the planet.This week we look at fear, the reasons for why they stoke it and why it's beyond time to be outraged about this and reject all forms of government control. The great Scott Adams has reached the state of exasperation and it's a beautiful thing to see. Our politicians are spineless weasels who cannot protect us from the predators looking to destroy civilization for their own gain and their own power. Time to get back to doing the real work of the world.Show Notes:Scott Adams' Amazing Rant Against the Government Ending but Their Politics Still Rule Pseudoscience Behind the Assault on Hydroxychloroquine
Episode #31 - Patrick Henningsen and TEOTWAWKI Side of COVID-19
4/28/2020 • 1hr 29m
This week I sit down with journalist and radio host Patrick Heningsen of 21st Century Wire and the host of the weekly show Sunday Wire to discuss the civilizational effects of the COVID-19 lock down and why it has gone on far too long. Patrick brings a breath of needed fresh air into the debate of the efficacy of locking people in their homes while I try to bridge the gap to the economic and psychological devastation the policy has engendered.Sit back relax and know that this is a long one, but one of the best conversations I've had in quite a long time. Show Notes:21st Century Wire:https://21stcenturywire.comComparing the LOCKDOWN to NON-LOCKDOWN States We Have Become Karen Nation
Episode #30 - David Stockman and the Numbers of COVID-19
4/21/2020 • 47m
This week I sit down with David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan and the Publisher of Contra Corner to discuss the pure insanity of the lock down associated with COVID-19, which has now created the Coronapocalypse for our economy and that of nations around the world.David and I take a hard, practical look at the real numbers, inflated though they may be, and how damming they are of the policy of shuttering the U.S. economy while it's clear now that we have good information that this pandemic is not much more than a 3-5% increase on the medical infrastructure of of the U.S. The reality is that the effects on people's lives will be far worse for those that live than those that died, creating an economic depression that dwarfs even the Great Depression of the 1930's. Show Notes:Contra Corner COVID-19 Statistics:
Episode #29 - Gabriel Scheare and the Dream vs. Reality of Going Galt
4/14/2020 • 1hr 9m
This week I sit down with an intrepid young man, Gabriel Scheare, who's working very hard on a project down in Chile called Fort Galt. It's like talking to an even-more committed younger version of myself, going off into the wilds of southern Chile to build a life as free from external interference as possible.If there is something that binds us all together it is the need for community and family. And the drive to achieve that on our own terms is all even the most radical flower-throwing libertarian asks for.Success, failure, satisfaction, travail and toil. These are the essence of our humanity and why leading by example is the only way to show people the path out of the dark place our society has gone to in recent years.Show Notes:Fort Galt:
Episode #28 - Alex Mercouris and the New Cold War with China
4/7/2020 • 1hr 19m
This week I sit down for another chat with one of my favorite analysts on all things geopolitical, Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief of The Duran. Alex and I explore his thesis of a new Cold War emerging between the U.S. and China, which now replaces that of the one between the U.S. and Russia.It's a dynamic situation that is accelerating quickly thanks to the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the insane power grab globally being orchestrated by the neoliberal oligarchy I like to call The Davos Crowd. And it's becoming increasingly clear to Trump that remnants of the Clinton and Obama regimes are working in conjunction with China to undermine both his presidency and what's left of U.S. sovereignty.Show Notes:The Duran - U.S. China Cold War Has Officially Started - Has the U.S. Cold War Shifted from Russia to China? - Eyes Wide Open: Will the ‘Masters of the Universe’ Notice No One Takes Them Seriously Anymore? my work on Patreon: and Use Brave to Support the Channel:
Episode #27 - COVID-19 Denial and the Generational Divide
3/31/2020 • 26m
The longer this shut down of the world economy goes on the more the generational divide will manifest itself between the declining, didactic and condescending Baby Boomers and their hard-bitten kids from Gen X. The power grabs, the money printing, the push for global government is all part of the desperation of a failing Utopian fantasy which the Boomers cling to like moss to a cliff while society itself hangs in the balance.This week I discuss why this is and where we're headed and what we can expect to see once we all emerge from our homes to see the world they've wrought.Show Notes:Who's Next to Fail in the Post-Covid-19 World Chat with Alex Mercouris on Europe and the U.S. post COVID-19Part 1: 2: 3: We Allow the Coronapocalypse to Bailout the Failures of Socialism Monetary Abyss Stares Back and Asks "Who's Next?"
Episode #26 - Mike Shedlock and the Threat of MMT in the Age of COVID-19
3/24/2020 • 55m
As the world goes into lock down over the threat of COVID-19 coronavirus I take a few minutes to remind everyone that it is the government response to this destruction of the private sector economy is the real threat to not only our liberty but our health as a people, a society and a culture.The latest siren's call will be for MMT or Modern Monetary Theory which is just Greenbacks Revisited and was the precursor to what is failing now before our eyes, the General Theory of John Manyard Keynes.Also, Mike "Mish" Shedlock and I sit down for a 40 minute talk about what we can do practically from an Austro-libertarian perspective to mitigate some of the worst of what's coming knowing that the governments will do something we'd prefer they did some of the things we advocate for here rather than the full-on lunacy of MMT and the nascent Green New Deal and fascist take over of the global economy. Monetary history and theory are important and the narrative is coming at us fast. Show Notes:Mike's blog Mish Talkhttp://www.mishtalk.comNothing is Working Now: What's Next for America? Gary North's Historic Takedown of Ellen Brown and Greenbackers Ehret's MMT Shuck and Jive
Episode #25 - The Fall of Central Banking and the Rise of Amazon
3/17/2020 • 31m
The Fed and the ECB fired their trillion dollar bazookas only to see them fizzle. It'll take a lot more than that to restore confidence in their ability to contain the contagion. And I don't think they can do it. Join me for an epic rant about the failure of bank socialism, why the EU cannot compete with the U.S. politically and how the tragedy in Italy will hasten their exit from the European Union.And as we contemplate those things Amazon comes out leading the way to prioritize alleviating suffering by deploying its staggering logistics infrastructure. This is the way the free market puts socialism to rest by serving people's needs rather than sniping about their motives.At the end of the day do you care why Amazon got you your food or medicines fast or just that they did. Show Notes:Has Anyone Told the ECB Yet It's Bankrupt? Suspends All Non-Essential Shipments the Cajun Navy Arrives, Never Forget what Created Them: FEMA’s Failure After Katrina RSS Feed:
Episode #24 - Whitney Webb and Web of Lies in Afghanistan
3/10/2020 • 1hr 13m
This week I sit down for a chat with investigative journalist Whitney Webb to discuss here latest work uncovering the history of the recently announced U.S./Taliban Afghanistan peace deal. Whitney does a fantastic job of breaking down the major players, the likelihood of success and what the real motivations for the U.S. in signing this deal are.From there we take the discussion global to cover the political and economic consequences to the coronavirus outbreak and to what extent governments around the world will use this as an excuse to impose new draconian controls over their populaces. Finally, in the last section we take some time to reflect on how all of this effects the current panic in the equity and dollar-funding markets.Show Notes:Whitney Webb on How the New US-Afghanistan Peace Deal Rekindled a “Business Friendly Taliban” and Iran Finally Get the Pipeline of Their Dreams Market Stress: RSS Feed:
Episode #23 - Is it Super Tuesday or Stupid Shrews-day for Democrats
3/3/2020 • 28m
The Democrats go to the polls ready to cast their votes for a far smaller field than we were expecting with the surprise suspension of the campaigns of both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. This calculated move was done to help shore up support for Joe Biden and possibly Mike Bloomberg with the hope of creating a brokered convention so that Hillary Clinton can ride in on her broom and save the DNC from the filthy progressive insurgents.This is a reflection of the abject fear the Baby Boomers in power have of losing their hard-fought campaign to remake humanity in their soft-peddled version of communism and rapacious wealth destruction. Into this incredibly fragile system of interlocking fragile systems comes a simple virus which threatens to topple all of the apple carts simultaneously and it's becoming pretty clear that the fight over the last few bits of the corpse of their societal ruin is increasing in intensity.Show Notes:Mike Shedllock on How Did Klobuchar Dropping Out Impact Super Tuesday? Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival and Howe: The Fourth Turninghttp://www.fourthturning.comPodcast RSS Feed:
Episode #22 - Coronavirus in the Age of Lies
2/25/2020 • 23m
Coronavirus is the watchword of the day but the implications of its outbreak are far beyond the human cost, which is horrific. There is a political and economic fallout element to this that reaches deep into the fears of governments intent on maintaining some semblance of control.It will become a metaphor for the failure of globalism and central planning in general as humanity comes face to face with the true costs of lying to itself about what growth truly costs and who should benefit from it. And that may be the hardest lesson people will have to learn from it.Support my work on Patreon: and Use Brave to Support the Channel: welcome via paypalTwitter:
Episode #21 - From Thuringia Without Love, Merkel's Last Stand
2/18/2020 • 24m
The political and financial complications from Thuringia continue to multiply for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is trapped between her need to keep the Greens placated while shoring up the power base of her party, the Christian Democratic Union, which is beholden to the powerful German Industrialist class.Into this volatile mix comes the nationalist/populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) who are proving stronger opposition than Merkel has dealt with previously. The more she tries to hold them back, the more successful they become to the average German voter. Political games ultimately fail in the face of populist pressure. Show Notes:Thuringia: my work on Patreon: and Use Brave to Support the Channel: welcome via paypalTwitter:
Episode #20 - The Saker and the Necessary Retreat of Empires
2/11/2020 • 1hr 7m
This week The Saker and I sit down for a chat about all thing Empire, what their motives are, why they act the way they do, and why they collapse. We compare and contrast the behavior of the U.S. and Russia in the post-Soviet era while looking carefully at why the U.S.'s lack of foreign policy is the biggest threat to humanity at the moment. Show Notes:The Saker Escobar my work on Patreon: and Use Brave to Support the Channel: welcome via paypalTwitter:
Episode #19 - Alistair Crooke - The Civilizational Wars of the U.S. and Europe
2/4/2020 • 1hr 8m
Former British Diplomat Alistair Crooke and I sit down for a wide-ranging chat on the loss of institutional legitimacy all across the West and the Middle East. Starting with Brexit and what it means for the U.K. and spanning the globe to include Europe, its relationship to Russia and the ideological wars being waged by various factions against Iran and China, this is an episode I don't think anyone should miss.Show Notes:Crooke: my work on Patreon: and Use Brave to Support the Channel: welcome via paypalTwitter:
Episode #18 - Is Iran Sucking the Neocons into a Russian Cauldron??
1/28/2020 • 31m
Iran's move to pull out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty looks like an invitation to the U.S. to bomb them back to the stone age. But is it? Russian military strategy is predicated on creating cauldrons, encircling an over-confident enemy and cutting off their means of retreat.Is this move by Iran part of their larger gambit to get what it wants in the Middle East? Are the Neocons about to fall into the biggest geopolitical quagmire of all time? This week we explore all of these issues and what the Taliban downing an E11-a BACN Communications plane means knowing that the CIA's head of its Anti-Iran division, Mike D'angea was onboard.
Episode #17 - The Return of Queen Hillary Amid Impeachment Dread
1/21/2020 • 23m
With impeachment of Donald Trump the talk of the town, Hillary Clinton stepping into the spotlight with a perfectly timed fluff piece in the Hollywood Reporter and a new four-part Netflix documentary, it's clear to me the prep work has begun to save the Democrats from their Loonie Lefties and again stop Bernie Sanders.
Episode #16 -- Alexander Mercouris and What's Going on in Putin's New Russia
1/18/2020 • 1hr 18m
Today I sit down with The Duran's Editorial Director Alexander Mercouris to discuss in fine, granular detail the sweeping changes proposed this week by Russian President Vladimir Putin and how this sets Russia up for the next couple of decades. This is can't miss analysis from one of the real giants in geopolitics.
Episode #15 - David Stockman and How a Mad Fed Is Fueling the Next Crisis
1/14/2020 • 46m
Former OMB Director and publisher of Contra Corner David Stockman and I sit down for a big talk on what's really going on behind the scenes of the markets, why the equity markets keep rising and how that fits into the potential for a breakdown in Europe.Against this backdrop U.S. political insanity is pushing the world to the brink of crisis and war. And no one in power seems to see the big picture.
Episode #14 - Lew Rockwell and the Obligation of Truth Tellers
1/11/2020 • 41m
I sit down with the Head of the Mises Institute and Publisher of, Lew Rockwell for a wide ranging talk about the duty of all libertarians to remind the world why we should all be anti-war and why there is always another side to the story.
Episode #13 - What Led to The U.S. War With Iran and What's Next
1/7/2020 • 30m
The lead up to Trump's murder of General Qassem Soleimani is important to understanding the context of why it happened. The key figure is Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and his relationship with the U.S. as it tried to dissuade him from charting a path for Iraq's independence.
Episode #12 - Trump Just Found Out How Alone the U.S. is Now
1/6/2020 • 27m
President Trump's murder of Iran's Qassem Solemaini was a brazen act of near lawlessness which will continue to widen the gulf between the U.S. and every other nation on earth. This lack of humanity is a wake-up call to the world.
Episode #11 - Will 2020 Bring War and Brexit?
12/31/2019 • 32m
We close out 2019 with two pressing issues for 2020.. Will there be war with Iran and the U.S. and with Brexit effectively in the books, what does this mean for the European Union and its looming debt crisis.
Episode #10 - Which is the Star Wars Film to Rule Them All
12/28/2019 • 30m
How can you end the Skywalker Saga without a retrospective of the entire Star Wars film series to date in the form of a gratuitous list from least to most favorite?
Episode #9 - The Rise and Fall of Star Wars
12/24/2019 • 31m
The Rise of Skywalker is proving to be just as divisive of the Star Wars fanbase as the previous film in the series, The Last Jedi. This week's show explores some of what I think is happening between the generations of Star Wars fans and what Disney's obligations are to them.
Episode #8 - Plumbing the Depths of the IG Rabbit Hole
12/17/2019 • 25m
With the release of the OIG report from Michael Horowitz its damning conclusions mask some obvious attempts to whitewash the Clintons' involvement in RussiaGate. I talk about that and how this ties directly into the worst aspects of U.S. foreign and domestic policy of the last 25+ years and how all roads lead through Ukraine.
Episode #7 Yra Harris - The Rotten Heart of Europe
12/10/2019 • 42m
This week Wall St. legend Yra Harris joins me to discuss the underlying causes of unrest in Europe, his involvement in bringing Bernard Connolly's seminal book 'The Rotten Heart of Europe' back into print and why Christine Lagarde's appointment as President of the ECB means you might want to be long Europe at some point in 2020.
Episode #6 - It's Time For Saint Greta to Shame You for Being Alive
12/3/2019 • 21m
As we begin to see the effects of entering a Grand Solar Minimum the Powers That Be continue to ratchet up the climate change hysteria into a full-blown religious fervor. And the cynical use of a child like Greta Thunberg only underscores both their desperation and their venality.
Episode #5: Garland Nixon - Chasing Down the Lies on K Street
11/26/2019 • 1hr 28m
Garland Nixon, co-Host of Sputnik Radio's Fault Lines with Lee Stranahan sat down with me for a wide-ranging talk on all the myriad ways the D.C. bubble spins lies to weave self-serving narratives.
Episode #4 - Can Ukraine's Zelensky Overcome the Opposition and Make Peace With Russia
11/19/2019 • 29m
Russia and Ukraine are in a complicated mess created by external actors in the U.S. and Europe which Presidents Zelensky and Putin are trying to unravel. They are opposed by literal Nazis, the U.S. and British Deep States and Israeli Zionists. Meanwhile Brexit looks to be slipping away as Project Fear of Jeremy Corbyn is winning the day in the U.K.
Episode #3 - Nigel Farage Saved Brexit But No One Can Save Angela Merkel
11/12/2019 • 22m
Nigel Farage formed an informal Brexit Alliance with Boris Johnson who dog-whistled his concession on a Sunday Night interview, saving Brexit from The Davos Crowd... for now. And if Brexit occurs as Farage wants, it spells the end of Angela Merkel in Germany.
Episode #2 - O'Keefe, Epstein and Why V Still Rules the Political Airwaves
11/5/2019 • 23m
On this Guy Fawkes Day James O'Keefe of Project Veritas dropped his biggest bombshell yet about the cover of in the media of Jeffrey Epstein and it reminds us just how fragile the elites' hold on power truly is and how close we are to that moment at the end of V for Vendetta when it all comes tumbling down.England Prevails!
Episode #1 - Mike "Mish" Shedlock - 10/27/2019 - Brexit, Macron, Johnson and Who Should You Trust?
10/28/2019 • 34m
Mike "Mish" Shedlock and I sit down to talk Brexit before Boris Johnson's big day in Parliament wondering aloud about Who is and who isn't honest about their Brexit intentions.
The Truth About Trump
12/14/2018 • 11m
I have always seen Donald Trump as a useful potential tool of the liberty movement. That potential is now gone as Trump unveils what is his true foreign policy objectives and it's time to realize that.
OPEC Cuts Deep to Save The Cartel
12/9/2018 • 5m
What the OPEC production cuts really mean and how China, Iran and Russia will respond to the changing environment
Mr Tariff Ups the Stakes on China
12/6/2018 • 7m
Donald "Mr. Tariff" Trump truly doesn't understand global trader nor does he understand the forces of deflation he is unleashing in his quest to save America from itself.
Have We Reached Peak Soros
11/28/2018 • 7m
George Soros looks to be winning everywhere but look closer and you'll see a madman spending money by the bucketloads to get lesser results.
Jumping the Global Warming Shark
11/25/2018 • 7m
Instead of seeding the air with smog to cool the planet maybe we should listen to real science which suggests strongly the planet is cooling off faster than we can imagine.
May Forces Brexit Betrayal to its Crisis Point
11/15/2018 • 5m
Brexit Betrayal is right on schedule as Theresa May moves to produce the result her masters in Europe asked of her from the beginning.
Mo' Money Mo' Invasion
11/8/2018 • 5m
Open Borders is a tricky subject from a Libertarian perspective. A look at the economic realities versus the philosophical.
What Price Crazy
11/4/2018 • 6m
What price are Americans willing to pay to rebuild their society? That's the most important question coming into the mid-terms.
Attack on Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free
10/31/2018 • 7m
Gab Was Targeted for take down to remind us that we're to remain where those in control can control what we say.
The Boomer Bomber Naked Emperors and the End of Civility
10/27/2018 • 5m
The left calls for violence as the U.S. Civil War heats up.
Lee Stranahan Part 3
10/27/2018 • 1hr 17m
Part 3 of my talk with Lee Stranahan, investigative journalist and host of the radio show Fault Lines.
More Peace Dividends as Merkel and Macron Join Syria Summit in Sochi
10/20/2018 • 6m
Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron Formally Break with the U.S. over Syria. This is a major move towards peace in the Middle East
Putin Lays Down the Law at Valdai
10/20/2018 • 7m
My look at Vladimir Putin's talk at this year's Valdai Economic Forum and why the U.S. neoconservatives need to tread lightly from this point forward.
When Warren Woke Up to a World Without Her
10/16/2018 • 5m
Elizabeth Warren may be the stupidest politician to make it to national prominence and now she's just a Meme Factory with a vagina
Lee Stranahan Interview part 2
10/16/2018 • 1hr 3m
Part 2 of my interview with investigative journalist and radio host Lee Stranahan.
Preparation is More than Buying Bottled Water
10/14/2018 • 7m
Hurricane Michael may have missed my house but it reminds me of just how close we are to a political and financial storm brewing around the West. Being prepared is key.
Lee Stranahan Interview part 1
10/11/2018 • 1hr 1m
Lee Stranahan, an investigative journalist and co-host of the morning radio show, Fault Lines, on Radio Sputnik joins me for a wide-ranging talk on politics, the Left, Trump and where our society is headed as we approach the mid-term elections. This is part 1 of 3.
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EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Ep #144 -- Pascal Najadi and Keeping Up with the Davosians
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23 May
ITM w/ V4V!
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #138 - Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the Eurodollar
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Tks for the cast
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #143 - Vince Lanci and the Why Market Numbers Just Don't Matter
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14 May
that’s high praise right there
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #143 - Vince Lanci and the Why Market Numbers Just Don't Matter
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14 May
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #143 - Vince Lanci and the Why Market Numbers Just Don't Matter
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didmt understand a word but i was glued to thru the entire thing
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #143 - Vince Lanci and the Why Market Numbers Just Don't Matter
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Brilliant conversation about a widely underestimated subject. A really engaging podcast that stokes curiosity.
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #140 - Mike Hill and the Conspiracy of Film Making
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2 May
this guest is a scammer shilling her way overpriced coins. at least Peter Schiff doesn’t do that!
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #134 -Lynette Zang and What Monsters Lurk Under the Banking System's Bed
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CLIP • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Tucker was fired so Biden can get a war next year
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EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #141 - Dexter White & Junseth and the Death of the Time Slot
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EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #141 - Dexter White & Junseth and the Death of the Time Slot
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EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #141 - Dexter White & Junseth and the Death of the Time Slot
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Dave is always such an awesome guest
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #139 - Dave Collum and the Night of the Long Tweets
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fantastic podcast Tom. very informative and entertaining!
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #139 - Dave Collum and the Night of the Long Tweets
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A satchel of Richards for two crusty old goats! I was thoroghly entertained by this one, if youre interested in the inter-cabal squable tune in.
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #139 - Dave Collum and the Night of the Long Tweets
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I enjoyed this convo Caitlin is that woman🤙
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #138 - Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the Eurodollar
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CLIP • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Building 7 Designed to Fall?
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EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #138 - Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the Eurodollar
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EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #138 - Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the Eurodollar
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thank you
EPISODE • Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast
Episode #138 - Caitlin Long and Plumbing the Depths of the Eurodollar