Episode #45 - Clueless in Seattle

Episode #45 - Clueless in Seattle

Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast

With the politicians in Seattle hell bent on removing President Trump from power they have now advanced legislation to do away with their self-evidently racist police department. This move is a mix of cynical political theatre and insipid over-reaction to what are real problems of unfairness in the current American system.

But these are not people ready to accept responsibility for the freedom they demand. Their blame-shifting the city's problems ion systemic racism is all the evidence we need to convict them of a kind of willful cluelessness that can only originate with the ideologically blind.

They are not ready for the responsibility of real freedom. And the solution is not scapegoating the cops but rather blaming themselves for demanding others to pay the price for their broken promises.

Show Notes:
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