Episode #129 - Mel K. and the Real Crime of Hollywood
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Episode #129 - Mel K. and the Real Crime of Hollywood

28 Jan • 59m
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The inimicable Mel K. is with me completing another "Home and Home" series of appearances. Mel,like her show on Rumble, is fearless and always a good time. In our last chat she let it slip to me that she spent 18 years in the belly of the beast, not Mordor on the Potomac, but in Minas Morgul on the Pacific, Hollywood.That, to me, screamed "Movie Podcast," and that's what's on tap for today. It may seem a little 'off-brand' but for us, nothing ever is. So, relax and enjoy a trip through the predictive programming wasteland that is Horrywood! (and that's a Spielberg reference, folks)Show notes:The Mel K Show on RumbleMel on GabTom's recent appearance on Mel's Show
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29 Jan
looking forward to this one!
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28 Jan
thank you, Tom