S01E105: Parachemistry and the Bye Bye Baby
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S01E105: Parachemistry and the Bye Bye Baby

Jul 5 2022 • 2hr 36m
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Calling U Last Tuesday
Please, No I
Basil Valetine
The Apollo
For this evening, you are cordially invited to join the Mothman as we drink fine wine and study the lead! With the gold transformation, you'll see a wonderous display of protection! If that lube runs out, just toss it here in this wastebasket. That'll be a 10% tithe. Totally present for that!
They Did It To Humiliate Me!
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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25,000 sats
Jul 7 2022
I fucking love this Podcast, it is the best podcaster ever, period.
22,222 sats
Jul 15 2022
Wow that Fellowship of Friends episode was wild. You Americans get all the cool cults with fine art and Ultra Instinct-like Presence, the ones here in Aus are boring. Just sex and money, lame 😔. If I join one I can only hope to someday be humble enough to get tricked by 44 angels or be proud of a world record for insurance fraud!
1,368 sats
Jul 6 2022
roll the gematria dice!