S01E148: Floating Solar Panel Meat-Trash Island
Behind the SchƎmƎs

S01E148: Floating Solar Panel Meat-Trash Island

18 Apr • 4hr 19m
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Solider Of Fortune
Rose Coats Inc.
The Women Of Artemis
Smoke In The Booth
Is Christine Blasey Ford just Brett Kavanaugh in a dress? We Do A Background Check ⛧ Spooky Upbringings in Bethesda, Maryland ⛧ Education and Employment ⛧ Ties to Washington DC, the Intelligence Community, Pharma, Silicon Valley, and Stanford ⛧ Small Town! ⛧ Joe Rubs Boobs The Wrong Way ⛧ Sea Steading and the World's First Ocean Societies ⛧ Scientology Innovations and Slurs ⛧ TED Sages
We're Still In Kansas, Evermore
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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Thr bad news: Missing the live show. The good news: The goats are still not safe.
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The scaly show.
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