Episode #41 -- Molyneaux, The Great Purge and Why The Dark Knight Always Rises

Episode #41 -- Molyneaux, The Great Purge and Why The Dark Knight Always Rises

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With the banning of Stephan Molyneaux by YouTube, a man with more than 1 million subscribers, we've reached the book burning stage of the U.S.'s Cultural Revolution and it's being televised in real time, no less. Gil Scott Heron was wrong. The problem is the real revolution we need won't be televised, it may not even happen until after we're plunged into a chaotic breakdown that was beautifully described in Christopher Nolan's 2012 film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Recently I rewatched The Dark Knight Rises and it floored me with its prescience in predicting where we would head as the consequences of the false recovery post-Lehman Bros. and Occupy Wall St. would play out on the streets of the U.S. in 2020.

And in doing so, I overcame a lot of my reservations about Nolan and his work after years of questioning his motives. So this week's cast is as much about my skepticism of Hollywood as it is about the work of a unique and talented artist's ability to 'get there first.'

Show Notes:
‘The God That Failed’: Why the U.S. Cannot Now Re-Impose Its Civilisational Worldview

Can We Escape Control of The Wire?

Chris Nolan's Filmography


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