S01E170: Pick Your Knife Up At The Door
Behind the SchƎmƎs

S01E170: Pick Your Knife Up At The Door

19 Sep • 2hr 25m
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Brick by Brick Toddler Like Accent Grake Tragedy Had To Keep It Clean
Phil “Phildo” Owen of the Skatenigs Joins Us! ⛧ Forming the Band and Opening for Ministry in the Early Days ⛧ Touring with GWAR and Comparing Fake Dicks ⛧ Selling Pocket Knives as Merch ⛧ Satan's Cheerleaders ⛧ Visiting the Mall of America ⛧ Spooky Mazes ⛧ Lavish Tells A Fake Dick Story ⛧ Napa Sucks
Why Write Songs If You Don't Have T-Shirts?
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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20 Sep
Will be keeping an eye out for Skatenigs in FL this Feb!