S01E121: Marching Noises!!
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S01E121: Marching Noises!!

18 Oct • 1hr 56m
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Fus Roh Dah!
Blah Blah Blah!
People Don't Use Minidisc
Girthworm Jim
Solo Show! Lavish steers the ship to Russia, where Madame Blavatsky teaches plebs all about her fake experiences. Great artists steal, even if they were rejected from Austrain Art College. What a Great War! The Subconcious sings to you. Next we sail to Babylon, where we ponder the clay, worship the Goddess, follow the Eastern Star. If you get lost, summon a succubus to ask for directions.
I Think Bunker 2 Is The Best
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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ms. informed NAtion

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100 sats
4 Dec
what's symbology of 7 pointed star? Istar birdlike legs - legs of Phoenix - coming to life to die again - from Autumn to Spring, regeneration - conservation - sporulation