S01E100: BLAMO! ZAP! Am I The Problem?
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S01E100: BLAMO! ZAP! Am I The Problem?

Jun 7 2022 • 3hr 33m
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Bring Your Own Hose!
Hail the Sun!
For our 100th episode, we make sure everyone has Goats for the Road. Gematria Boosts, Tarp-less Sacrifices, none of it approved by GOSHA. Despite the rain of Blood Soakers, Boo-Bury breaks down GWAR's latest album, The New Dark Ages. We take live calls and ask them what supernatural topic they wish to Rectalfy. Dude, Don't Do That. Instead, follow Lavish on the Food Chain Reaction, the surge in food plant devastation. Don't go to Heifer Ranch in Arkansas, you never know which of Clinton's / Epstein's friends you'll find.
Let Them Eat Cake (and Goya).

ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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