S01E129: What's A Sun Dawg?
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S01E129: What's A Sun Dawg?

6 Dec • 2hr 51m
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Welcome To My Mangrove
Bat Sushi
I'm Your Uncle
Take a ride on the Manitoba Swirl with special guest Ablekirby of Rare Encounter fame. Join us for a late late night as we rip rails with the bear of them, open the box of mama, and root for the OG heel! Pour one out for the so-called visionaries. Was this recent crypto bro death Alphabet Soup, or was it the rip tide that done him in? Listen and let the Pleroma fill you.
It's Called...Penetration Pay Baby
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)

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7 Dec
Lavish is sounding quite fruity this episode!