S01E117: Simple Jack By Skynyrd
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S01E117: Simple Jack By Skynyrd

Sep 20 2022 • 2hr 42m
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Tight Binding
Booth Babes
Big Fan Of Ham
Buckle up! Lavish hits the road and visits the Minneocalypse, where Boo-Bury knows all the best karaoke dives. We take your live calls… maybe you're having a spooky day at work? Lavish brings some bereft coast with him from North Hollywood, the bank robbery capital of the world. What's In A Name? Boo-Bury divulges into Nature in Bondage and the Magic of Names. Quite the Riot in Carowinds.
Sit In The Corner Like A Bad Boy
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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8,888 sats
Sep 20 2022
i love This, boo-bury and lavish live doing the show at last. The energy is electric!
6,666 sats
Sep 20 2022
coffee, and mind crime in my cup ☕️and a fresh BTS on my plate.
666 sats
Sep 20 2022
Tuesdi boosti test
420 sats
Sep 20 2022
sounds like a fun time coool call in situation too
333 sats
Sep 20 2022
egyptian was a good guess accoring to my name. sumerian is the area. gilgamesh epos stuff....aka.... ancient alien theory or..... survivers of atlantis ;)