Episode #109 - Dave Collum and the Grotesquerie of Globalists
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Episode #109 - Dave Collum and the Grotesquerie of Globalists

Jun 1 2022 • 1hr 55m
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Show Notes

Cornell University Professor and part-time financial pundit David Collum (Twitter @DavidBCollum) joins me for a talk about the limits of Fed policy, the potential for a major financial crisis and how that ties into the World Economic Forum's stated goal of destroying Western civilization.then we break for lunch. :)Blog : http:www.tomluongo.meTwitter @TFL1728Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7ZfBCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6rytDCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oELTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5kDASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4VaXMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmuARRR: zs132w864erce9x8lmcmlnv8vw05p646kp0uxy29q82ak4n9504at0sut3eu3kmscn5yqhtje2yjyv
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5,000 sats
Jun 4 2022
Great podcast chat, thank you Tom and Dave. No bullshit.
500 sats
13 Oct
Don't spend it all in one place. Appreciate what you do
50 sats
Aug 23 2022
solid podcast!