Episode #51 - Alexander Mercouris and the Long Reach of Brexit
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Episode #51 - Alexander Mercouris and the Long Reach of Brexit

Sep 15 2020 • 1hr 14m
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This week I sit down with the Editor-in-Chief of The Duran, Alexander Mercouris, to discuss how the latest twists in the Brexit saga are having far-ranging influences on not only American politics but most especially European politics. There is a fascinating parallel between the political fortunes of Boris Johnson in the U.K. and Donald Trump in the U.S. Both have the extraordinary opportunity to crush their 'liberal' opposition who have far over-reached in their attempts to undermine the governments and societies of the U.S. and U.K.This over-reach is having spill over into Europe where German Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking more and more over-matched as she navigates the final betrayal of the German people while trying to hold together political strength to get Nordstream 2 completed to the satisfaction of powerful German industrialists.Show Notes:The Duranhttp://www.Theduran.comDuran Video: Merkel's Search for a Way out of Navalny Mess Pushes the EU to the Brink over Brexit
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