Episode #35 - The Fight Over Brexit is a Fight Between Central Banks

Episode #35 - The Fight Over Brexit is a Fight Between Central Banks

Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast

Brexit is back in the news as we approach the deadline for extending the Transition Period between the U.K. being under the auspice of EU law. There is still no appetite within the EU to allow the U.K. to leave on terms which satisfy the Brexit referendum of 2016.

If the U.K. caves and files for an extension by the end of June then the Brexit saga will last another two years.

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier continues to ply a hard line which has, to this date, gotten him absolutely nothing from the U.K. since the day Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. This week I discuss these dynamics and how a shifting global power structure represented by Donald Trump, Brexit and the populist wave across Europe continues to erode the EU's leverage in Brexit talks.

Does Johnson have his ducks in a row to walk away in December on WTO terms? It's a good question.

Show Notes:
EU Ready to Ease Demands on Fisheries
The EU Are a Bunch of Karens: Barnier Complains About Brexit Talks
Did Johnson and Macron Engineer a Hard Brexit in October?


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