Episode #33 -- ObamaGate is the End of the U.S. as We've Known It

Episode #33 -- ObamaGate is the End of the U.S. as We've Known It

Gold Goats 'n Guns Podcast

President Trump tweeted out #ObamaGate recently after the transcripts of the Impeachment interviews conducted by Adam Schiff went public. These confirmed that there was a massive operation to spy on him, his campaign and that no one in the Obama Administration was willing to testify to his guilt under oath.

RussiaGate wasn't just a hoax, it was an elaborate false narrative to overturn an election, cover for a guilty now-ex President who had routinely mobilized U.S. law enforcement and intelligence assets to spy on not just Americans but his political opponents.

The scale of it makes Nixon's Watergate look like the amateur hour it was. And Obama's future as the trusted face of the oligarchy I call the Davos Crowd is in in serious jeopardy as a vindictive Trump is now clear to go on the warpath on his way to re-election.

Show Notes:

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