S01E134: The Old Yellow Book
Behind the SchƎmƎs

S01E134: The Old Yellow Book

10 Jan • 3hr 15m
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The Squeegee
Energy Is A Major Factor
Pepperidge Farms Remembers

Have you heard? The nations doth protest too much. Here in the D*sneyland of protests, the Kings play the fool, and the fools wish to play King! We tend to an intermission, and return to gaze upon the family tree. 12 Billion served and Archived… somewhere deep within the Granite Vault of the Mountain!

Blood Runs In The Streets

ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
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10 Jan • CurioCaster
I dedicate this goat to the gods of low plumbing repair bills. AHABADABRA AMEN!
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10 Jan
…33 miles from Spokane while rambling the beautiful Columbia Plateau…time to boost!!
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12 Jan
fountain is indeed veeeery buggy. i like it but i just stick to it in hope it gets better. besides crahing and whatever, i get shown all the time that i am earning sats, but nothing is added. my mobile data is beeing used anyway, so someone else is getting my "earned" sats. 🫨 last 2 days i couldn't even donate... doooooonaaaateee..👻
had some issues with earnings the last couple of days which should be resolved now. anything else please email me and can investigate. sent you some sats to your Lightning Address as an apology.
12 Jan
awesome. hail the oscar@support@fountain 😃👍will try to spread the new wealth even among the dudetteses and dudes. 🤑