Episode #52 -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Legacy of Tyrants
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Episode #52 -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Legacy of Tyrants

Sep 22 2020 • 26m 29s
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Eulogizing tyrants is simply the wrong thing to do. Ginsburg was a tyrant of the worst kind, one who thought of herself as the Hero of her own story. It is that type of thinking that allows tyrants to justify any and all behavior no matter how rotten. Her clinging to power was an object lesson to her disciples that power is all that matters because all ends justify the means to achieve it. I won't eulogize her or her "amazing life," since it left the country even more divided on the edge of a real Civil War for control over the levers of the power in D.C.A power none of the people there should wield. Like John McCain before her, she knew what she was doing and why, and her spite was clear to the world. Hopefully, President Trump nominates the right person to replace her to begin reversing the degradation of our civil society. Show Notes:Barnes and Frei Discuss RBG Replacement Strategy McCain is Dead, Good Riddance referral code:
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