Episode #25 - The Fall of Central Banking and the Rise of Amazon
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Episode #25 - The Fall of Central Banking and the Rise of Amazon

Mar 17 2020 • 31m
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The Fed and the ECB fired their trillion dollar bazookas only to see them fizzle. It'll take a lot more than that to restore confidence in their ability to contain the contagion. And I don't think they can do it. Join me for an epic rant about the failure of bank socialism, why the EU cannot compete with the U.S. politically and how the tragedy in Italy will hasten their exit from the European Union.And as we contemplate those things Amazon comes out leading the way to prioritize alleviating suffering by deploying its staggering logistics infrastructure. This is the way the free market puts socialism to rest by serving people's needs rather than sniping about their motives.At the end of the day do you care why Amazon got you your food or medicines fast or just that they did. Show Notes:Has Anyone Told the ECB Yet It's Bankrupt? Suspends All Non-Essential Shipments the Cajun Navy Arrives, Never Forget what Created Them: FEMA’s Failure After Katrina RSS Feed:
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