S01E133: It's Never Morbin' Time, Blackstodon!
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S01E133: It's Never Morbin' Time, Blackstodon!

3 Jan • 2hr 31m
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Weed Lord GokuCircle the Wagons!Addams Family HaremSpeak of the Moon Man
The Panel of Federations assembles! Ricky Molnar, Dad, and Cool_Boy_Mew join the boys to discuss decentralization, the twitter purge, and big ol' anime titties. Grab your board! Surf the fediverse, ride the wave, taste the freedom.
It Was Always Black Goo
ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes)
Ricky can be found at and if you wanna get decentralized check out!
For all things Dad and Mew check these links out and listen to Dad's Anime Podcast!
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16,680 sats
10 Jan
Updated Fountian and they took my boost show button away. Now I have to boost an episode. time for a Nude Podcast App. all 30 of these 5.56 directed at shitty updates. Stay Spooky Boys.
6,666 sats
10 Jan
one more for good measure. Petat can’t have all the fun
2,222 sats
10 Jan
We already won the lottery baby, we were born in the US of A. Everything is awesome.
533 sats
17 Jan
@Boo_BuryMothman @lavish What a great preshow mix! So much great music to be found here n the no agenda universe!