Episode #49 - Doom Patrol v. The Woke Patrol and the Peak of the Meaning Crisis
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Episode #49 - Doom Patrol v. The Woke Patrol and the Peak of the Meaning Crisis

Sep 1 2020 • 31m
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Show Notes

We seem to be turning a corner on the Meaning Crisis which has been building for nearly 300 years. And it may have found its way into popular culture in the most unlikely of places, Doom Patrol.As Hollywood struggles with a new normal where they are marginalized in an economic depression, the emphasis on stories that move us rather than wow us is what they will have to do to survive. And that means coming to real terms with the observation "Get Woke, Go Broke!" This meaning crisis, like all things political, is downstream of a concerted effort to destroy and dismiss culture as something valuable to us. It informs all aspects of our political struggle against the technocrats of The Davos Crowd, the European Union, the U.S. Deep State and the Chinese Communist Party.Nearly 30 years ago Grant Morrison took a comic on the edge of extinction and gave birth to something truly magical which was the first real attempt to use the comic book as a means to refute the emptiness of post-modern Marxism. Today the TV show may be on the verge of something equally important.Show Notes:Animal Man #5 - The Coyote Gospel (view as an image series)Alistair Crooke: The Dissolution of Universal Liberalism Patrol TV Series: Ethics of Liberty
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