Episode #38 - Can America Survive the Civil War Now Underway
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Episode #38 - Can America Survive the Civil War Now Underway

Jun 9 2020 • 24m 47s
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The fires may be out for now, but they have not been fully extinguished. The Culture War of the past ten years has quickly exploded into a Civil War. It doesn't matter that this explosion was amplified by agent provocateurs and cynical political operatives hoping to retain control over the power centers.This cultural inversion, in the words of Jonathan Pageau, that we have been going through these past four years in response to the election of Donald Trump is accelerating quickly and will reach its zenith with the November election.And in the cycle of human civilizations after inversion comes death. What kind of death will it be? And what kind of rebirth will occur on the other side of that. Show Notes:Jonathan Pageau - New Media Pundits | The Ragtag Heroes of an Upside Down World Occupy White House Enters its Final Act #9 - The Rise and Fall of Star Wars This to Slip Would Be the ‘End of Empire’
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