481: Apple's Metal Tax
481: Apple's Metal Tax
Coder Radio
Why Metal might be one of the biggest strategy taxes of the Apple platforms. Plus a thought-provoking appeal to Dark Matter Developers.
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9 Sep
I have great respect for the work Apple has done in hardware. There's no denying that their products have a nice premium feel to them, and the M1 seems to have good performance. However, I just can't get behind their software at all. It makes zero sense and feels way to restrictive. Basic tasks that you can do on an Android, like arrange your screen icons are not an option on iOS. The software is what makes it a complete deal breaker for me. Thanks as always!
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1 Sep
Thank you guys for your thoughts. I think I needed to hear that, especially the part about it being work, I don't have to be friends with any of my coworkers. Guess I just had lot of unrealistic expectations going in. I would add that my last message didn't paint a clear picture, there was some somewhat hostile things I dealt with, but I think I'll avoid putting too much info on a semi-public forum. No need to read any of this on air. Just wanted to thank you all.
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1 Sep
Chris Ive been living the ubiform lifestyle for 10 years now of just a plain white T shirt and jeans. My biggest recommendation is that you still have a few optional cloths like say a basic pair of khakis and a frw polo shirts because every now and again youll want to switch it up. But honestly, its been fine. Its honestly one less decision I have to make in the morning othet than "is this a pants or pajama day?"
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31 Aug
I hope that this message gives you Joy. keep the broadcast coming!!!
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8 Sep
My bad, Navy’s been working me to the bone and I forgot. 4444 is a double row of ducks. Y’all bring me a lot of value and I wanted to give value back. I didn’t work on the website cause I’m so new I was afraid I’d break something, so boosting/membership is how I do it. 2222 just didn’t feel like enough to me so I went with 4444.
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31 Aug
19 shows till 500! As always, great episode.
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31 Aug
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Please keep the advertising pitch reads. As a member it brings me joy to see what you don’t have to stoop so low and take on ad-wise.
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4 Sep
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9 Sep
still figuring out the fountain app, only been using it 2 days now’s but it’s pretty neat so far! you guys are the only podcast(s) I listen to that accepts boosts right now, but you guys are the early adopters. keep up the good work! Grant
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7 Sep