Episode #37 - Garland Nixon and the Rage Against the Machine
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Episode #37 - Garland Nixon and the Rage Against the Machine

Jun 4 2020 • 1hr 4m
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With everything happening at a breakneck pace it seemed prudent to do another one this week and talk with radio personality and former police officer Garland Nixon about the state of things in the U.S. Garland and I discuss the underlying rage and discontent that has been brewing for months in the U.S. at the unfair and rotten system which has driven hundreds of thousands around the world into the streets to vent that rage.The problem is, of course, that this rage is being misdirected and used by very sinister people to achieve terrible political and social goals through violence, looting, rioting and generally carrying on cranky.And we're all being abused by it. Something deep and abiding has to change within us before we can ever attempt to change the system we are a part of. And it is great to see two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum agree about so many fundamental aspects of this current crisis foisted on us to accelerate the descent of our civilization.Show Notes:Episode #5 - Garland Nixon and Chasing Down the Lies on K Street America: Be Careful What You Wish For Screen, Two Movies, Three Times the Trouble Pool - Exposing Antifa Tactics and Why They Are Fake Anarchists
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