519: Not So OpenAI
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519: Not So OpenAI

24 May • 44m
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Show Notes

OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman has gone straight for the open-source kill move.


bnsmcx (Ben Simcox)
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30 May • Podcast Index
Consider this boost to be an approximation of what I would have been willing to pay for a Jupiter streaming service over the time I've been a regular listener. I'll endeavor to keep up with regular boosts of amounts in line with a "monthly subscription".
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29 May • Podcast Index
If you guys enable lightning and configure the channel split on, then people can boost directly from The latest version supports authorizing a getalby wallet so no need for the browser extension. Couldn't hurt income.
bnsmcx (Ben Simcox)
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30 May • Podcast Index
This is the zip code where I live, though I'm from the states where I've eaten a lot of good BBQ nationwide. But when I ate Terry Black's in Austin for the first time it was like seeing Mt. Rainier after growing up in the Appalachians. They're both mountains, but they're barely the same thing.
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28 May
Star Trek boost with a 6 in front! I keep hearing you say things like shows that don’t support go away; we’ll I’m boosting and Jupiter Party member, and I really hope Coder doesn’t go away again. Just an update on my journey (been awhile since I asked about how to get started), 410 days until I retire from the Navy and try to break into software dev. Been focusing on Typescript cause a friend said it would be easy to get hired and then pivot. Wise? fool? Always love listening to your advice!
50,000 sats
27 May • Podcast Index
You kidding me with those boost numbers!? I don't know a damn thing about coding in any language and I still love this show! I have been listening since at least 2013 and I remember my first episode started with a story about Mike going to an Apple store because *something* happened to his Mac book and he needed a new one. Little did I know Mike would be telling the same story for the next 10 years. Mike, PLEASE GET A SIPPY CUP! :D Everyone else who I know is boosting into shows like LUP, lets give some love to Coder too! ❤️
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29 May • Podcast Index
I was happy to see the "name your price" option on Jupiter Party. The value I get from Jupiter podcasts is far greater than the previous top tier, so I've increased my monthly subscription, and I hope others will follow! PS. This is a Zip Code boost of where I was born.
19,500 sats
27 May
Disappointed to hear the HP DevOne isn’t holding up for some. I picked one up when they discounted it under $1000 and have really enjoyed it so far. If I have to replace it at some point who makes a good Linux laptop with great webcam, sound and performance for general productivity, some development with VS Code and occasional games using Steam? System 76 Thelio’s sound amazing but I’m not sure the laptops have the same build quality.
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27 May
Another boost to fix the transaction error
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31 May • Podcast Index
Love you guys, wanted to show some meager appreciation (first time booster). I look forward to the show every week!
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28 May
I’ve been a listener since episode #1. Best coding show on the Net. Everyone should check it out. Keep up the great work gents!
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29 May • Podcast Index
Remember, JarJar is the greatest force user of all time.
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26 May
As somewhat of a post-humanist, i, for one, accept our AI (and Jar Jar) takeover
2,222 sats
25 May
Kind of hope the robots take over just so I don't have to listen to Sam's vocal fry anymore. What if his masterplan is for that to happen and then they all sound like him 😱