The Your Life! Your Terms! Show
The Your Life! Your Terms! Show
Nick Karadza & Tom Karadza founded Rock Star Real Estate Inc. after quitting their jobs in the Software industry to "go it alone" in the world of real estate investing. Rock Star Real Estate has gone from zero clients and zero revenues to being listed on Canada's Profit 500 multiple times as one of the country's fastest growing companies. Together with their team they've now worked on thousands of investments and over a billion dollars of income properties in Canada. On this show they chat real estate, business building, the economy, nutrition, fitness and anything else to help us all live life...
Matthew Campoli - Value Of Authenticity, Airbnb, GTA Real Estate & Living Life On His Terms
3/21/2023 • 58m
Matthew Campoli is living authentically and it shows. He has a unique style in handling real estate transactions and is leveraging social media to its fullest potential. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we ask Matthew about the books he's read, why he's making a different style of real estate video, how he got started as a Realtor, what he's doing with podcasting, Instagram and more. He's got a unique ability to express himself authentically and it's inspiring. You can learn more about Matthew by finding him on Instagram @MattCampoli and you can find his podcast...
Craig Ballantyne - Finding Your Life's Purpose, Getting Stuff Done & Productivity Hacks
3/17/2023 • 1hr 0m
Craig Ballantyne isn't letting a newborn slow him down at all. In fact, it seems like he's more organized and getting more done than ever. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we catch up with Craig and get his thoughts on the value of finding your life's work, simple strategies to amp up your personal productivity and a different context from which to think about money. You can find Craig on Instagram @RealCraigBallantyne and you can pick up a copy of his amazing personal productivity book, The Perfect Week Formula, on Amazon.
Kevin Rooke - Evolution Of A New Financial System, Lightning Network Updates & Micropayments
3/14/2023 • 1hr 7m
On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we're chatting with Kevin Rooke to get the latest updates on the Lightning Network. This is a new financial layer to Bitcoin that is enabling almost instant financial transactions with the final settlement. The usage over the last few months is really begun to increase rapidly and much of that has to do with some new apps that have launched. We get all the latest on wallets, value 4 value, podcasting, micropayments, Stacker News and more! You can find Kevin on Twitter @kerooke or on Nostr and his...
Mark Jeftovic - Future Of Privacy & The Internet, The Bitcoin Capitalist & EasyDNS
3/9/2023 • 1hr 16m
Mark Jeftovic has an international man of mystery feel to him. A super interesting guy who has been involved in the Internet for decades. He is the founder of EasyDNS, has amazing insights into the future of online privacy and publishes a newsletter titled: The Bitcoin Capitalist. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we get Mark's latest thoughts on what he's seeing with the Internet's evolution, the future of money, what's happening to the middle class and get technical with some discussion of ordinals and inscriptions on Bitcoin. You can find Mark on Twitter @StuntPope and...
Adam Kitchener - Retiring At 30 Years Old, Multi-Unit Investing In Ontario And Burning Out
2/28/2023 • 1hr 30m
Adam Kitchener recently shut down the large property management business, that he spent YEARS building, because of burnout. He's now retired at the ripe old age of 30 years old and living off his multi-unit's investment income! Adam shares some of the ugly sides of real estate investing & business building in this open and honest chat... Plus a TON of multi-unit investing expert advice as well! You can check Adam's social media out at MrAdamKitchener on all the social platforms. And you can listen to his first podcast episode with us here --> . Check out the free...
John-Michael Bianco - Turning Pro, Boxing, Mental & Physical Preparation & Living Life On His Terms
2/22/2023 • 1hr 6m
John-Michael Bianco is a local story worthy of our attention. He trains out of Mississauga, ON and had 70 amateur boxing fights, was on track to go the Olympics (before the pandemic squashed that) and has now turned pro. He's coming off his latest win and now has a record of 5-0. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with John-Michael and his strength and conditioning coach, Dan Thiessen from, to learn about the mental preparation, the physical preparation and where he goes from here. You can find John-Michael Bianco on Instagram @johnmichaelbianco...
Ben Prentice & HAC - WTF Happened In 1971 And What Happens In The Economy Next
2/17/2023 • 57m
Ben and HAC put together an amazing series of charts on the Twitter handle @WTF_1971. This was the year that Nixon "temporarily" closed the gold window and removed the gold backing of the U.S. dollar. Their charts on the economy, housing and incomes have gotten a lot of attention over the last few years. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we ask them to forecast into the future, what do they see happening over the next 3,5 and 10 years. You can find Ben on Twitter @MrCoolBP and HAC @HeavilyArmedC. You can also check out their website...
Ricky Zhang - How To Travel Cheaper & More Luxuriously Using Credit Card Reward Points
2/14/2023 • 1hr 3m
Ricky Zhang, is the Founder of Prince of Travel, a personal finance and travel community, that teaches Canadians how to travel cheaper, and more luxuriously, by leveraging credit card reward points to their fullest. This was an eye-opening conversation on the potential that credit card rewards miles can have in maximizing the return on your spending. If living life on your terms to you means travelling more, you’re going to want to check this episode out! You can go to as Ricky mentioned, for a great starting point to learn more about this stuff!
Tom & Nick Karadza - Entrepreneurship, Leads, Customers & Key Business Numbers To Think About
2/10/2023 • 1hr 7m
In this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we break down some of the most important concepts around business building and entrepreneurship that we've learned. Over the years we've read countless business books that talk about the "theory" of business but very few people share the actual numbers that a new business should be focused on. It's not branding, it's not website hits and it's not your social media following. These things add value and play a role in your business for sure ... but they are not the foundation of it. Enjoy the episode!
Chris Bailey - How To Calm Your Mind, Hyperfocus, And Live A Productive Life
2/7/2023 • 1hr 10m
Chris Bailey is a Canadian writer and productivity consultant, and a GOLDMINE of personal experience and science-backed information on how to live a focused, productive, and CALM life! He's the author of two bestselling books, The Productivity Project, and Hyperfocus, and just released his third book, How to Calm Your Mind: Finding Presence and Productivity in Anxious Times. We chatted with Chris to get some of his best advice on productivity and mental calmness. You can check out to see all his work!
Marc Lafleur - Hustling, Starting & Selling A Business, Writing A Book & Living Life On His Terms
2/2/2023 • 1hr 16m
At 32 years old Marc LaFleur has already accomplished some pretty amazing things. His latest feat is selling a business he started,, after hustling hard to start it from scratch with his co-founder for $16.8 million. And after chatting with Marc on this episode it's clear that he's just getting started. From a wild high school experience, to playing football at the University of Waterloo and then starting and selling a business ... he's jammed a life's worth of experience into a few short years. HIs new book, True Founder: What No One Else Has the Guts to Teach You About...
Sean Cooper - Burning Your Mortgage, Debt - Free Financial Freedom, And Quitting Your 9 To 5
2/1/2023 • 51m
Sean Cooper is the bestselling author of the book, Burn Your Mortgage: The Simple, Powerful Path to Financial Freedom for Canadians. He bought his first house when he was only 27 in Toronto and paid off his mortgage in 3 years by age 30. Sean then leveraged his mortgage-burning experience, and debt-free life to quit his corporate 9 to 5 and help others with their mortgages as an independent mortgage broker. You can check him out more at
Per Bylund - Austrian Economics, Money & How To Think About The Economy
1/27/2023 • 1hr 5m
On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we chat with Per Bylund, author of, How to Think About the Economy. We have read dozens of books on economics, money and banking over the years and this is one of the books that really stands out. Per does an excellent job summarizing complex subjects around purchasing power, regulations, pricing mechanism and economic distortions. We used to think of "Austrian Economics" as one school of economic thinking ... now we think of it as the benchmark to measure all others against. You can find a free copy of Per's book...
JP Hunt & Jennifer MacPherson - Real Estate & Consciously Choosing Your Life's Journey
1/24/2023 • 1hr 2m
Jon Paul Hunt has been with us as a Rock Star Coach from almost the very beginning. And Jennifer MacPherson has joined the Rock Star team and become a huge contributor to what we all do. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we get to know these Rock Star Coaches on a personal level. We talk horses, the Region of Peel, firefighting and real estate. We also discuss creating your own life's path and not letting your past define your future. Good times!! Enjoy the episode!
Dan & Rachael Thiessen - Milk, Muscles, Fitness, Energy Levels & Creating Your Best Self
1/20/2023 • 1hr 27m
I had no idea when I met Rachael Thiessen that she would have such a profound impact on my understanding of both fitness and nutrition. Carbs, fat, protein, Keto, butter, milk ... she explained it all and has no shortage of opinions on all of this. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, she sits down with her husband and co-Founder of Radix Gym, Dan Thiessen, to share how they approach life and how they create a positive environment at Radix for their clients. We talk about competing at the Crossfit Regionals, eating fat as a healthy choice...
Patrick Findaro & Rogelio Caceres - Multiple Citizenships, U.S. E-2 Visa & Citizenship By Descent
1/17/2023 • 49m
It's become more appealing than ever to have options, especially travel options. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we chat with Patrick Findaro ( and to learn how Canadians can leverage the E-2 Visa program to gain legal status in the U.S.. We also chat with Rogelio Caceres ( and to learn the different citizenships options available to Canadians based on the descent. Both of these can be key components to living life on your terms! Enjoy the show!
Tom & Nick Karadza - 2023 Kick-Off, Market Trends, AI, Inflation, Interest Rates & Economic Data
1/12/2023 • 1hr 14m
Here we go, 2023 is off to a roaring start. In the space of 24 hours shortly after New Year's Day we had a Tesla drive us home from a restaurant with no human interaction, Chat GPT has pumping out marketing copy, Artificial Intelligence has been making graphics for us and the NOSTR protocol is enabling decentralized social media like we've never seen before. The exponential age of technology is upon us. All of this with a backdrop of wild energy price swings, geopolitical maneuvering, sky high debt levels and interest rates that are staying high. Where does this all lead us...
Jesse Berger - Money, Life & Discussing Current Events In The World Of Bitcoin
1/3/2023 • 1hr 10m
Jesse Berger, author of Magic Internet Money, has opinions and is willing to share them. Our type of guy. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we dive into how something turns into "money", we chat about the economy, economics, FTX and the latest events in the world of Bitcoin. You can learn more about Jesse by visiting or on Twitter via @JayBerJay
UJ Ramdas & Justine Pattantyus - Business Building To Meditation, Journaling & Focused Thought
12/29/2022 • 1hr 13m
On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with UJ Ramdas and a last-minute amazing addition, Justine Pattantyus. We chat about UJ's journey from creating products, turning them into businesses, selling them and moving on to new challenges. UJ shares the importance of journaling, meditation and deep thinking in his life. He is a fascinating guy and we took a lot away from UJ's discussion. You can track him down via his website Enjoy the show!
Robert Breedlove - What Is Money, Economics, Bitcoin & The Importance Of Personal Responsibility
12/22/2022 • 1hr 5m
Robert Breedlove is a deep thinker. He is the host of the What is Money Show where he explores the topics with economists, analysts, philosophers and various other fascinating characters. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we discuss his latest thoughts on money, discuss Austrian economics, the evolution of Bitcoin and the role responsibility plays in our lives. You can learn more about Robert by visiting or via his Twitter @Breedlove22. Enjoy the show!
Mikkel Thorup - 2nd Citizenships, Multiple Passports & International Opportunities
12/20/2022 • 54m
Mikkel Thorup is the Founder & CEO of ExPat Money, a private consulting firm. A lifelong traveller & investor, Mikkel now consults clients on obtaining 2nd citizenship & passports, international investment opportunities, and wealth & tax protection. Hedging international risk will likely only get more important over time as global societies and financial systems become more intertwined. Understanding and mapping out your "Plan B" could be a valuable exercise!
Ray Blanchard & Yana Sizonenko - Windsor, The Bitcoin Building & Adventures In Real Estate Investing
12/16/2022 • 1hr 15m
Ray and Yana are up to amazing things. They aren't scared to tackle the seemingly impossible. Both have incredible stories and on this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we dive into Ray's idea to turn a beat-down commercial property in Windsor into a modern residential multi-unit. And he didn't stop there ... he's using the solar power from the roof to run some Bitcoin miners in the utility room which then heat the water for the building! Unbelievable! Enjoy the episode!
Ben Rabidoux - Real Estate Updates, Banks, Mortgages, Condos, Population Trends & More!
12/13/2022 • 1hr 5m
Ben Rabidoux always brings a wealth of insight to the podcast and this time is no different. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show Ben shares his latest findings on the condo markets, single-family homes, assignments, banking trends, mortgage arrears, population growth numbers and more. You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenRabidoux and you find his real estate analytics service at
Adam Carroll - Accelerating Debt Paydown, Infinite Banking, TED Talks & More!
12/9/2022 • 1hr 21m
Adam has published four books, produced an award-winning documentary on student loan debt, has a TED talk with over 6 million views and helps people achieve financial freedom in their lives. Adam has pioneered what he calls 'The Shred Method', a fascinating way to accelerate debt paydown. You can check Adam’s stuff out more at &
Andrew Topping - Changes To JV Tax Reporting, Beneficial Ownership & Canadian Tax Strategies
12/6/2022 • 1hr 1m
Andrew Topping has deep knowledge of the Canadian tax system and how real estate investors can best approach it. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we discuss some of the changes CRA is implementing around trusts, JV relationships and beneficial ownership of properties. This will likely impact many investors and it's important information to be aware of. You can learn more about Andrew's services by visiting
Evan Ungar & Jordan King - World Records, Real Estate, Music Industry & Business Building
12/2/2022 • 1hr 12m
Evan Ungar and Jordan King are impressive guys. We rarely meet two 31-year-olds who have spent as much time with their own personal development as these two. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we chat about how they got started, why they are focusing on real estate, their thoughts on the music business and what they're doing there, business building, time management and more. You can learn more about Jordan and Evan by visiting
Russell Westcott - BC, Alberta Investing, Lessons Learned & Checking Your Ego
11/29/2022 • 1hr 7m
Russell Wescott has survived the wild world of real estate investing for multiple decades. He's seen it all at this point and he's survived the toughest challenge of them all ... your own ego. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, we catch up with Russell and get his perspective on investing, lessons he's learned, mistakes he's made and his current thoughts on the Alberta market. You can learn more about him by visiting
Corrine Sandler - Your True Self, Principled Living & Crushing Imposter Syndrome
11/25/2022 • 57m
Corrine Sandler has a wild and wonderful life story. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we dig deep and cover how we may all have some imposter syndrome and how Corrine battled it. We also discuss principles to live life by, how to deal with feelings of inadequacy, the importance of protecting your thoughts and what life can truly be like when you face it head-on. Corrine is a breath of fresh air and we're thrilled to share this episode with you.
Jay Shaw - Rental Trends, Navigating Tricky Markets, Property Management & Tenant Best Practices
11/23/2022 • 1hr 6m
Jay Shaw does the behind-the-scenes work that all investors count on ... property management! On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we get Jay to share what he's seeing with rental rates and trends in rental properties along the west side of the Golden Horseshoe. We chat about tenant selection processes, best practices for screening prospective tenants and how to set expectations around property management. You can learn more about Jay's services at
Aleksander Kravic - Born In Bosnia, Growing Up In Canada & Creating A Life On Your Terms
11/18/2022 • 1hr 14m
Canada is a pretty amazing place. For all its faults and problems it's still a relatively amazing place to live and raise a family. Aleksander Kravic's parents managed to come to Canada during an extremely horrible situation in Bosnia and create a new life. Now Aleks Kravic is leveraging the opportunity of growing up here to create a life on his terms. We chat about education, life, Physiotherapy and how he got started down the real estate rabbit hole.
John Vallis - Bitcoin, Life, Economics, Pricing Mechanisms & Human Action
11/15/2022 • 1hr 30m
John Vallis has the unique ability to take complex ideas and distill them down to their essence. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we get John's latest thoughts on Bitcoin, the economy, life, pricing mechanisms and how distortions in the economy are the result of our current system. You can check out John's podcast, Bitcoin Rapid Fire on Youtube and you can follow John on Twitter @johnkvallis. Enjoy the show!
Hart Togman - Efficient Leasing Strategies & Tenant Screening Best Practices With RentPanda
11/11/2022 • 1hr 8m
Leasing out your first rental property can be a scary business. Dealing with applicants, screening for income and credit, signing the lease, adding addendums ... it can be overwhelming. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with Hart Togman, CEO and Founder of to chat about it all. We get to hear the story of how came to be and we cover marketing your property, screening tools, websites to use, lease clauses and more. You can learn more about Hart and RentPanda's services by visiting
Steve Saretsky - Canadian Real Estate Updates & Interest Rate Trends
11/7/2022 • 1hr 3m
Steve Saretsky is a real estate aficionado, a Vancouver Realtor, an Investor and a student of macroeconomics. And what we enjoy most about Steve is that he's not shy to share his opinions on all of that! On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we dive into Steve's origin story, talk about life principles, chat Vancouver real estate and take some wild guesses at the future of Canadian real estate. You can follow Steve on Twitter @SteveSaretsky and learn more about Steve and the podcasts he hosts, including the Loonie Hour, and his YouTube channel by visiting...
Anton Livaja - Securing Your Digital Life, Crushing Cyber Attacks & The Dark Web
11/4/2022 • 1hr 26m
Anton Livaja is one of the good guys. He's like an online general securing the good guys from an endless onslaught of anonymous cyber attacks. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with Anton, VP of Information Security at, to discuss what we can all do to better protect our digital lives. Some of it is rather simple, some of it is advanced and all of it is important. You can find Anton on Twitter ... enjoy the show!!
Craig Race - Laneway Housing Opportunities In Toronto, By - Laws, Garden Suites &
11/1/2022 • 56m
Toronto has a massive housing shortage and for years nothing has been done about it. But that has finally changed. With the introduction of Laneway housing by-laws, we now have the opportunity to build tens of thousands of new homes right in the downtown area. This laneway "as of right" by-law was a group effort and a big part of its success was due to the team at Lanescape. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with architect and co-Founder of Lanescape (, Craig Race, to get all his thoughts on this opportunity...
Adam Schafer - Building The Mind Pump Media Empire & Investing Profits Into U.S. Real Estate
10/28/2022 • 1hr 12m
Adam Schafer & his crew at Mind Pump are absolute BEASTS! Their podcast, Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth, is one of the top fitness podcasts in the entire world and has millions of listeners! From the success of their podcast, they've built a media empire & several other businesses, one of which is investing in U.S. single-family real estate. Tune in to hear the 'Raw Business Truth' of how Adam & his crew built the Mind Pump empire and what their U.S. real estate portfolio looks like!
Mark & Kirsten Krikke - Mid-Term AIRBNB Strategies, Increasing Cash Flow & A New Book!
10/25/2022 • 1hr 13m
Mark and Kirsten Krikke have a wealth of experience and knowledge with mid-term AIRBNB rentals. They started by renting out the lower part of their house and stumbled upon a little used AIRBNB strategy, mid-term rentals. They've managed to create incredible amounts of cash flow on properties using this strategy and have even mixed it in with some longer term rental properties. They also have put all their knowledge into a new book, You, Me & AIRBNB. It's available on or you can find details at You an also find them at
Dan Thiessen - Functional Fitness, Training Strategies, Nutrition & Optimal Human Performance
10/21/2022 • 1hr 11m
Dan Thiessen is the owner of Radix, an amazing gym that we are members of in Oakville, Ontario. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we chat about functional fitness, how much protein to eat and different training strategies. We also talk Crossfit, strongman, boxing and more. Dan and everyone at Radix have been a huge part of Tom and Nick's fitness journey. You can learn more about Radix by visiting or via Instagram @RadixGym
Frank Ungaro - Ugly Pike Pilsner, BJJ, Podcasting & Taking The Path Less Travelled
10/18/2022 • 1hr 13m
Frank Ungaro is a pretty difficult guy to keep up with. Between running Passador BJJ in Niagara, investing in real estate, having a family, starting a Wine App, launching a podcast (Ugly Pike Podcast) and now launching a beer ... he's been busy! On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we talk about life, opportunities, challenges and get him to share the story of launching Ugly Pike Pilsner. It's now available in 100 LCBO locations around Ontario and soon in a major grocery chain. He is definitely taking the path less travelled in life and we love it. You...
Fernando & Marko - Power Of Decision Making, Housing, Interest Rates, Bitcoin & Principled Living
10/14/2022 • 1hr 23m
Marko Radosevic and Fernando Cipriano join us on this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show to catch up on anything and everything. Both are entrepreneurs, business owners and are willing to openly share their views on life. On this episode, we begin by discussing the value of making decisions and lead into discussions on Canadian real estate, interest rates, population fundamentals, Bitcoin, the economy and more. They have become good friends of the show and we're excited to share this episode. Buckle up and enjoy the show!
David Fraser - Bunkie Life Founder & Behind The Scenes Of Dragon's Den
10/12/2022 • 1hr 12m
David Fraser & his wife Carrie are unstoppable. From turning a side hustle building "bunkies" into a full-time business with 25 employees, building a factory and getting a deal with all 5 Dragons on Dragons Den... to overcoming incredible adversity in their personal lives, and homeschooling 4 children. These two entrepreneurs are inspiring to watch and David reveals the whole truth of his journey!
MacKenzie Wilson - Tenant Screening 101 & Reducing Risk As A Landlord With SingleKey
10/6/2022 • 1hr 5m
MacKenzie Wilson from laid down pro tips on how to advertise your property to tenants, screen tenants & protect yourself as a landlord. Speaking from his own experience of protecting his valuable assets & running Alberta's largest Facebook group of real estate investors ( Investing in real estate WILL change your financial life, especially if you minimize your risk by implementing strategies found in this episode.
Cherry Chan - U.S. Tax Structures For Canadians Investing South Of The Border
9/28/2022 • 1hr 4m
It's difficult to navigate the tax structures best suited for Canadians investing in U.S. property. On this episode of the Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with Cherry Chan of to get her perspective. Many Canadians set up with the incorrect corporate structures and end up paying more tax than perhaps required. We also chat about her life in Hong Kong compared to Canada. Enjoy the show!
Peter Holland - From The NHL & Toronto Maple Leafs To Bitcoin & The Future Of Finance
9/20/2022 • 1hr 12m
We're huge Maple Leafs fans, so to host ex-Leaf Peter Holland on The Your Life! Your Terms! Show was a blast. On this episode, we chat about Peter's journey into professional hockey, some of his best and worst memories and what he learned along the way. We then get into how he ended up in Business Development with Toronto-based as they grow their institutional and personal Bitcoin and digital asset platform. Enjoy the show!!
Tammy DiTomaso - Latest Real Estate Trends, Working With Investors & Crushing It!
9/15/2022 • 1hr 10m
Tammy DiTomaso is a real estate investor herself and is always hustling to find properties and opportunities for all the investors she works with. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show Tammy shares what she is seeing on the streets in the Hamilton, Brantford and Niagara markets right now. Latest rents, triplex trends and what investors are doing in the middle of one of the largest interest rate uptrends we've seen in 30+ years! Enjoy the show!
Steve Carroll & Margaret Boersma - Real Estate Investing In Your 60s & Crafting Your Perfect Mindset
9/7/2022 • 1hr 9m
We've heard that "it's too late for me to start investing in real estate" at least 10,000 times by now. Well, watch out because here comes Steve and Margaret. They didn't begin their real estate investing journey until Steve was in his early 60s in 2019. Margaret passed him a book on real estate and the rest is history. We're joined on this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show by Leslie Kitchen, a long-time member of the team and true Rock Star. Enjoy the episode!
Joey & Len - The Canadian Bitcoiners, Banking, Bitcoin, Economy, Life, Canada & More!
9/1/2022 • 1hr 23m
Joey & Len are the co-hosts of The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast and are back on the show so we can catch up on everything Bitcoin, banking, the economy, life, lifting, Canada and more! On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we dive into some of the lessons they've learned from their podcast, some of their favourite guests, the bear case for Bitcoin and what they think the future holds for the Canadian dollar. You can also find this episode on the Fountain app ( and support their podcasts but streaming a few sats their way. You can...
Fayek Faza - Building A Sneaker Business From Your Dorm Room & Turning A Hobby Into Profits
8/23/2022 • 1hr 6m
On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with Fayek Faza to learn how his sneaker hobby has turned into a full-fledged business. Fayek and Aidan Karadza (Tom's son) are roommates at Western University in London, Ontario. Fayek became fascinated with sneakers in Grade 9 and slowly began buying and reselling different hard-to-find pairs. That led into Discord groups, meeting retailers in downtown Toronto and becoming a key source of difficult-to-find sneakers. If you're not familiar with the sneaker market, then this episode is going to blow your mind!
Connor Eagleson - Breaking Free From Society's Traps & Extreme Focus And Discipline
8/16/2022 • 1hr 2m
Aidan & Anthony from the Rock Star Inner Circle membership team did another podcast takeover. We sat down with the super disciplined Rock Star Member Connor Eagleson. Connor's personal development practices have in turn transformed his outer world. Building a cash-flowing real estate portfolio, a passionate career in the Bitcoin lending industry, and a beautiful relationship with his fiancee Maggie. We loved hearing what it takes from Connor to go against the grain and live life on your own terms. Separating yourself from the pack isn't always easy, but can be incredibly worth it.
Lorenzo Podda – Behind The Curtains Peek Of The Mortgage Business & Buying Properties In Your 20s
8/9/2022 • 59m
Aidan & Anthony from the Rock Star Inner Circle membership team took over this episode while Tom & Nick were away in Croatia. They sat down with the young & knowledgable Lorenzo Podda, Underwriting Manager at BM Select Mortgages. Lorenzo revealed a ton of interesting insights into the mortgage business, how to love what you do for a living and how to put in the long hours needed to succeed in your craft. Lorenzo's a great example of how to hustle hard in your twenties to set up an amazing career & real estate portfolio.
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Kevin Rooke - Evolution Of A New Financial System, Lightning Network Updates & Micropayments
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Kevin Rooke - Evolution Of A New Financial System, Lightning Network Updates & Micropayments
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Kevin Rooke - Evolution Of A New Financial System, Lightning Network Updates & Micropayments
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John Vallis - Bitcoin, Life, Economics, Pricing Mechanisms & Human Action
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Steve Carroll & Margaret Boersma - Real Estate Investing In Your 60s & Crafting Your Perfect Mindset
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Fayek Faza - Building A Sneaker Business From Your Dorm Room & Turning A Hobby Into Profits
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Behind The Curtains Peek Of The Mortgage Business and Hustling & Buying Properties In Your 20s
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Robin Taub - The Wisest Investment- Teaching Your Kids About Money
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Dr. Mike P. Moffatt - Ontario Population Data, Housing Supply, Non-Permanent Residents & More!
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Oscar Merry - The Value 4 Value Economy, Lightning Network, Podcasting 2.0 & The Fountain App
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Oscar Merry - The Value 4 Value Economy, Lightning Network, Podcasting 2.0 & The Fountain App
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Joey & Len - The Canadian Bitcoiners: CBDCs, Interest Rates, Debt, Price Volatility & More!
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