The Interview #96 | Adam Curry - Untethered
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The Interview #96 | Adam Curry - Untethered

2 Jun • 1hr 26m
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Show Notes

I traveled 1,200 miles to be in studio with Adam Curry (Podfather, co-host of No Agenda, producer of Tina on Curry and The Keeper, ) for episode 96! What an incredible treat to talk with the man who invented this podcasting idea and it’s next decentralized iteration, Podcasting 2.0.We talk faith, community, “15 min. cities”, legacy, among other things… Enjoy!Remember, you can support this show with your donations HERE
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7 Jun
Fellow photographer, podcaster and lover of Jesus here! TYFYC!
7 Jun
let’s talk! 🤩
ok! email me and I’ll give you my number etc.
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7 Jun
Great interview with The Podfather! Also, Tina sent us a sneak peak of the wine throwing shot… great pic! 🪣💦
8 Jun
thank you! it was such a fun day!
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6 Jun
In The Morning 🙌
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2 Jun
Craig—Great interview! Thank you for your generosity and kindness!
4 Jun
It’s so fun! Thank you for all you do! :) you and Adam are so much fun!
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30 Jun
Boosting V4V for the Podfather! ⚡️
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7 Jun
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22 Jun
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2 Jun
I hope conducting this interview was as enjoyable for you as it was for me to listen to! I also hope it brings more much-deserved attention to your talent as a designer and photographer. Can't wait to hear more about your trip to hill country!
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7 Jun
I've heard Adam's stories so many times but I never seem to get tired of them. His helicopter story is classic, always cracks me up.
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9 Jul
Great episode!
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29 Jun
In Adams studio.... You lucky guy 🙌🏿