Episode 57: Bitcoin, Crypto's Designated Driver
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 57: Bitcoin, Crypto's Designated Driver

2 Jan • 1hr 26m
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Show Notes

Pre-show Banter
Someone, possibly Sam, is anonomizing the contents ( of Alameda wallets
Sam Bankman-Fried had 4 White House meetings in 2022 — as recently as September 8th. (
Speculating on a European Union ban on bitcoin (
Neal Stephenson has an L1 Blockchain Company (, sellout ( year of t-in-open-metaverse-projects) or misguided?
Highlights from one of the worst White Papers of All Time (
Lamina1 Whitepaper (PDF WARNING ) (
70% of crypto exchange volume is wash trading (, no s**t
The European Central Bank's balance sheet is reducing rapidly ( illustrating the rapid pivots of liquidity that will characterize our inflation/deflation decade
War and Commodity Encumbrance, Zoltan is looking at politics not central banking (!PDF WARNING!) ( to forecast the future
Portable secret looks really cool (
Bitcoin Education
A look at hardfork safety through the lense of Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) (, Craig Wright's garbage bitcoin fork
A year of
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