BCB095_MATT PINES: Aliens, Geopolitics & Bitcoin
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BCB095_MATT PINES: Aliens, Geopolitics & Bitcoin

2 Feb • 1hr 24m
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Matt Pines, a cybersecurity and geostrategic intelligence consultant and a National Security Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, sits down with Josh & Dan to discuss the current geopolitical environment and Bitcoins potential involvement in the friction.
China, Russia & current global tensions
Dollar and UST vulnerability
The role of Bitcoin within today’s geopolitical environment 
Aliens and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena 

Expectation Value by Matt Pines 
“The Future Geopolitical Order And Bitcoin: An Initial Assessment” by Matt Pines 
Bitcoin Policy Institute
“Spies and Lies” by Alex Joske 
“The Danger Zone” by Hal Brands & Michael Beckley
Bob Lazar on Joe Rogan
“Hedging Sanctions Risk: Cryptocurrency in Central Bank Reserves” by Matthew Ferranti 

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Matthew Pines is the Director for Security Intelligence at the Krebs Stamos Group where he works as a cybersecurity and geostrategic intelligence consultant.  Previously he was a government consultant surrounding security and resilience challenges. He has conducted dozens of assessments of national preparedness, emerging technology, and strategic security programs. He strives to apply rigorous analytical methodologies to help policy-makers understand the implications of Bitcoin as an emerging technology for the benefit of the nation. As a National Security Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, he conducts research and analysis to help policy-makers understand the implications of Bitcoin as an emerging technology. He holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and Public Policy (with Distinction) from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Philosophy (with Honors) from Johns Hopkins University.
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