Episode 46: Complient Consensus
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Episode 46: Complient Consensus

26 Oct • 57m
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Show Notes

If it wasn't obvious that 'institutional crypto' is a joke: JP Morgan hires Celcius exec? (
Hodlnaud defeats CSW in court ( and the judge basically rules 'not Satoshi'
The global housing bubble looks like its popping (
Adults are living with their parents at unprecedented levels ( as crushing debt, a runaway housing market, and the pandemic make independence impossible | Fortune
The Bank of England delivers with two great papers on economic history:
Venetians, Volcker ( and Value-at-Risk: 8 centuries of bond market reversals
Global real interest rates since 1311: ( Renaissance roots and rapid reversals
The Slottie NFT Casion mataverse ICO based on etherium is an unregistered security offering ( according to US regulators
Etherium is now OFAC compliant (, validators are following their financial incentives (
Brazillian bank launching token on Polygon (, apparently iBex Mercado already has a coin
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #222 ( details the taprood LND/BTCD bug and the new replace by fee upgrades
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Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (
A listener asked about the xen protocol ( and I think it lives on the scam/irrelevant axis
A listener pointed out that perhaps CSW's autism explains his 'bot fight' from last week
The BDP apologizes if it seemed like we were mocking a disability, it was not our intention, rather we're observing the delta between the reality of CSW and what he claims to be
Dad attributed the ( language as coming from Apple, it was actually Google engineers who incepted Go
Value for Value
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Another great show! Thanks Chris and dad!