Interview with Dan Gould

Interview with Dan Gould

Tokyo Citadel Builders

Dan Gould


Bitdevs organizer, Lead maintainer of Payjoin Dev Kit

> Bitcoin privacy

 ⁃ Payjoin

 ⁃ Tumblebit 

 ⁃ Snowden revelations. 

 ⁃ HRF and Opensats support

 ⁃ Payjoin Dev Kit and privacy built into all wallets

 ⁃ Anonymity sets 

 ⁃ Importance of incentives

 ⁃ Economic incentives and the relationship between privacy and efficient blockchain usageBitcoin privacy and soft fork proposals

 ⁃ OP_CTV, OP_CAT, cross input signature aggregation. 

 ⁃ Phoenix, splicing, and privacy

 ⁃ Nostr as a communications protocol for coinjoin coordination. 

 ⁃ Weakness of web socket model for privacy

 ⁃ Oblivious HTTP

 ⁃ Samourai Soroban 

 ⁃ Monero

 ⁃ Samourai vs Wasabi

 ⁃ Social media and bad incentives

> Taiwan

 ⁃ Chinese model of social media, censorship in the mainland, censorship in Taiwan

 ⁃ Circular economy in Taiwan. 

 ⁃ Bitcoin meetup scene in Taiwan. 

 ⁃ Taiwan government attitude to Bitcoin

 ⁃ Vitalik in Taiwan. 

 ⁃ PR, residency and golden visa

 ⁃ Taiwa demographic challenges. 

 ⁃ Geopolitical situation in Taiwan

 ⁃ Banking in Taiwan

 ⁃ Taiwan as a citadel.


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