081 Jacob Wolki - Farmer

081 Jacob Wolki - Farmer

Meyrick's Dabbling Path

Jacob Wolki is a farmer, salesman, rambler and entrepreneur from Albury, NSW. He own Wolki Farm, a multi species regenerative farm and butchery that producers beef, pork, lamb, chicken and eggs.

During this conversation, we discussed, 

- His background 

- How health issues led him to discover regenerative farming 

- The concept of “Healing Food”

- The feedback he receives from his customer

- His 2 rules at home

- The overall operation at Wolki farms

- The interference of the  bureaucratic system

- Supermarket foods 

- Differences between caged, cage-free, free-range and pastured eggs 

- His experience following the Vegan diet & the Carnivore diet





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Instagram: wolkifarm https://www.instagram.com/wolkifarm/?hl=en

Twitter: @JakeWolki

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