Sidechains for Sandwiches
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Sidechains for Sandwiches

Jul 3 2022 • 1hr 25m
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A fancy blog post affinity scamming with Open Source Software and bitcoin to promote a valueless project that has crashed to nothing


Compass Mining CEO and CFO resign - hosted mining has always been a mess
Previously lost control of customer ASICs in Russia
Ruben Smonsen receives a grant to work on spacechains
Gillebrand-Loomis Github Bill Feedback is both perceptive and ridiculous
Solana labs is making a web3 mobile phone: is this a bottom or top signal?


A doom filled twitter thread sums up generally negative macro conditions
Where 80% of...
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Jul 4 2022
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Jul 4 2022
nice to no the Smurfs are in bitcoin to ;-)
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Jul 3 2022
boosting so that you dont ever do this again 😂😂😂 the squeeky voice was a paaain to listen to while doing hard labour in the sun(gardening).
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