98: The One with 45Drives

98: The One with 45Drives

2 Jun • 46m
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We chat with 45Drives about their ambitions to build a home-lab server that bridges the gap between enterprise-level servers and consumer-grade NAS products. And more.


Eric (R-Podcast)
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14 Jun • Podcast Index
An early congratulations on Self-hosted reaching 100 episodes! I've listened to every episode and my home lab is much better for it. I'm about to embark on a project involving Podman that could be a game-changer in life sciences. Wish me luck!
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3 Jun
First time booster but long time Jupiter Party member. Love the show and want to keep supporting quality content. Just noticed that the Privacy, Security, & OSINT podcast is doing a series of episodes on Self Hosting. It's great to see the recognition of its importance outside of this show. Crossing my fingers for a cross over episode!
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2 Jun
Ignore this message… here’s some value!
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11 Jun • Podcast Index
I second Alex's recommendation for Obsidian (of course I think I heard about it from Self Hosted). Supporting them with a subscription is great, but you can also keep it super simple and just sync your vault with syncthing. Works great even on Android.
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5 Jun • Podcast Index
about the storage questions i expend my storage for the last couple of years. i have 2 servers (1 as backup/fail over). i am running a 4disk 2x mirror on server1 and the fail over raidz1 on server 2. i swap out 2 mirror disk more or less every year and swap them from server 1 to 2. buy 2 new disk for the mirror and double the size... i think should do this now every 2 years. doto not running out of space for a while... also i have a external hdd on a pi at an other location doing nightly zfs send/receive backups...