Episode 78: Going Full Editorial
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 78: Going Full Editorial

15 May • 56m
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Show Notes

Bitcoin Held On Exchanges Hits Five Year Low (
PayPal to acquire cryptocurrency security startup Curv (
Commercial Real Estate is the next legacy asset to implode and a test sale ( indicates prices could fall by 75%
Frontline's The Age of Easy Money (, a documentary about FED policy in the 2010s
Bitcoin Education
Come to Adopting Bitcoin (
Bitcoin Optech #250 showcases a paper on POWswap (, a way for miners to 'insure' themselves against changes in hashrate, and several release candidates
Also covers some concerns from Adam Gibson ( with signature adaptors (
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16 May
Politics are fun as a random thing here and there but I definitely tune in for your collation of BTC news (I dislike trying to do this filtering myself) and making technical topics accessible for dummies like me. Appreciate your tireless work!