40: "Salmon Yay"
Curry and The Keeper

40: "Salmon Yay"

25 May • 1hr 24m
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Curry & The Keeper - May 24th 2023 Episode 40 - "Salmon Yay"

Welcome to Fountain's number 1 Podcast!
The Wine:

5 Bottle Week
Tasting Room
Stems vs Sippy Cups
Anniversary Dinner
Pilot speak
No Coincidences in the Kingdom
We have to have...sausage patties
Beef Initiative Fredericksburg
Phoebe scorpion hunter
Succession Final
Bridge Church Fredericksburg Texas
3 Apps with purchase built in - MoonPay
PO Box 1849 - Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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30 May
Coming to you with a treatment for a reality tv show. 2 cars outfitted with cameras. Tina & Jimmy pilot Car Ramrod while rocking out to Motley Crew. Adam & Annette are in Car Peace & Patience where Adam is playing air guitar to DH Unplugged. Follow their adventures up & down the I-35 corridor. What do you think? Is it too soon to whisper Oscar? I think not. ITE y’all!
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29 May
To top-of-the-range Tina & Ascending Adam, Congratulations on your anniversary⁴ I, GWFF, had the pleasure of you on your honeymoon meet-up in London. You were making your exit as I timidly approached, graciously you afforded me a photo opportunity before you split. The change in my trajectory since then has been epochal. No more do I seek mainsteam gigs in the acting world. My efforts now assuage your Corksoaker crew the benefits the ai DOT cooking podcast may bring to their lives. Yo!-CSB
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31 May
If you have experienced discrepancies on the donation ledger or have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, it’s time to unionize. Stand up to the Bernie Madoff’s of the world. There is strength in numbers and it’s time for a revolution. Stand together. Stay strong. Crank some Dee Snyder. And always decant. Thank you all for keeping my favorite show afloat. ITE everybody!
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1 Jun
loving the new format. V for V
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27 May
LOL @ Salmon Yay! Thanks for the laughs.
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31 May
sending you both some continuing anniversary love
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25 May
Thanks for the glimps into your life. I appreciate you both.
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25 May
why do you prefer Bitcoin donations over fiat fun coupons?
have you seen what’s happened to fiat currency in the past two years?
25 May
okay okay I w we wwwaw a aww a w we w saw aww aw was away Azw
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29 May
Greetings vineyard nation! In regards to grass-fed beef being a little tough, that might even be a good thing. James Nestor, in his book Breath, puts forth the theory that as our food has become softer (more processed) our jaw bones and sinuses have shrunk, resulting in mouths too small for teeth and tongue; increasing rates of mouth breathing (which causes untold problems) as well as crooked teeth and asthma and allergies. Perhaps a little hardcore mastication is needed for a healthy mouth!
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25 May
Cheers from the Baron of Old Bay
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25 May
The heeeerooo of the tickers!! Thanks for the laughs yet again.
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27 May