Episode 10: Cross Input Monetary Death Cult
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Episode 10: Cross Input Monetary Death Cult

Apr 17 2022 • 1hr 20m
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Show Notes

The Classic GM Motorhome ( comes up
Submit a comment on bitcoin's energy usage ( to the Biden administration
Fascinating infographic on how Americans have weird preceptions ( about reality
Bitcoin ownership is surprisingly less centralized ( than the ownership of the US stock market (
The prize for worst FED vice-chair nomination ( ever goes to Michael Barr, formerly of Ripple
Blackrock goes from bitcoin is a 'money laundering index' to all in-ish (
Lebanon confiscates foreign currency accounts ( surprising no one
Unfortunately, things in El Salvador aren't going great (
Bukele didn't show up ( at Bitcoin2022
The Bitcoin Bond issue has been postponed till September ( but Bukele call's conerns FUD (
A skeptical podcast talks to two El Salvadorians ( on the wrong side of Bukele
Perhaps the US Seneate report of El Salvador ( will provide better data on the state of bitcoin in the country
Strike Partners With Shopify, Blackhawk, and NCR ( to Bring Bitcoin Lightning Payments to Merchants
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Bitcoin Education
Murch musing on the blockspace savings of Cross Input Signature Aggregation (
What is CISA ( Good question, lol :P
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2,222 sats
11 Nov
I’ll give you guys my very first boost. Learning a lot, so thanks for all the work you put into this! :)
1,000 sats
Apr 24 2022
I remember back in my roomscape days, people would get you to trade with them, and both sides had to accept the trade before it would go through. Scammers would start a trade with you, add their items, wait for you to accept, then take out their items, throw in worse ones and accept it before you could rescend your accept. It sucked. This was mid 2000s
10 sats
Apr 24 2022
500 sats
Apr 18 2022
Hi Bitcoin Dad and Chris! Haven’t had a Bitcoin Podcast in my rotation since Plan B and I’m learning quite a lot from you both. What are your thoughts on Brave Attention Tokens? Keep up the great work! A Guy Named Ryan (because Chris butchers user names ;-)
500 sats
Apr 21 2022
Are we the betamax of the crypto wars? Better tech, but worse marketing causing us to eventually lose out?