Episode 51: Contagion? I barely knew her!
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Episode 51: Contagion? I barely knew her!

19 Nov • 1hr 15m
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Show Notes

Pre-show Banter
El Salvador is DCAing the dip (
On chain data shows the FTX connection to Alameda (
Japanese inflation hits 40 year high (
FTX promoters are already getting hit with class action lawsuits (
Cory on the biggest scam in 'crypto:' a16z (
Invested in Worldcoin that stole people's eye scans ( accidentally sent 320k ETH ( to an external address, only got 285k back
Bitcoin cash to be legal tender in St. Kitts and Nevis (, looks like Roger Verr has been busy
The slippery slope of de-decentralization in the history of email (, thanks Jameson!
Bitcoin Education
Check out darth coin's lightning wallet guide (
Bitcoin Optech #226 ( covers new covenant types ( and channel jamming attacks
Is Muun not really a lightning wallet? (
Muun on Twitter: 'we use submarine swaps ('
A guide to submarine swaps ( on bitcoin
ZeroConf debates again (, getting BlockSize wars vibes
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Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (
None today!
Value for Value
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Fountain ( podcast app (Android)
Podverse ( (Cross platform and self hostable)
Castamatic ( (Apple)+ Podcasting 2.0 to support an indepenent podcasting ecosystem (
Self hosted budget app suggestions from Jon
1. Kresus : (npm or Docker) more for Europeen people I suppose as it connects to your bank to do the sync automagically.
2. Cozy Banks : Cozy is like a simplier nextcloud with a bank app integrated similar to Kresus
2. Buckets™ : (client only). I like there blog, it's a couple developping it.
3. Actual (more on github with Docker
Sponsors and Acknowledgements
Music by Lesfm from Pixabay
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24,532 sats
22 Nov
Bitcoindad and Chris, where can i find the most comprehensive listing of all options for a bitcoin.conf file, with those options put in laymans terms (or at least somewhat clear terms)? Lots of random examples of .conf files out there, but have yet to find anything comprehensive. Chris: Your enthusiasm for Rust got me interested, and now down a coding journey. Thanks and keep Stacking!
7,777 sats
20 Nov
In the interests of show research you must now visit Bitcoin Island Philipines, Bitcoin Lake Guatemala, Lugano Switzerland and Madeira. 👍
4,999 sats
14 Mar
What's with all the libertarian hate? Justifying fraud is not libertarian; That's the all-day job of politicians and their supporters. Great show otherwise, y'all are one of the few podcasts I never miss in my limited listening time.
3,000 sats
21 Nov
Love the show! I’m a newcomer here, so forgive me if you’ve talked about this before: What are your thoughts on Monero? From what I’ve read it seems to fix a lot of the privacy concerns people have with Bitcoin, with no additional steps required. Do you think Monero could be a viable replacement for Bitcoin? Or is there room for both to coexist?
1,701 sats
21 Nov
I often enjoy the Energy section. So I'm giving a counter to the other boosts saying keep up the energy section! (If you want to, of course)
400 sats
27 Nov
nice to see you mention my guide about LN wallets. This is good signal
147 sats
25 Nov
100 sats
25 Nov
100 sats
26 Nov
This show’s title made me LOL. Also, fantastic content.