@PrincFilip1 - I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Push The Adoption Of #bitcoin #245
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@PrincFilip1 - I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Push The Adoption Of #bitcoin #245

Mar 24 2022 • 1hr 25m
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Today's guest on the show is #bitcoins first Royal fan @PrincFilip1

Join @PrincFilip1 and I as we talk about his ball grabbing Orange Pill Shilling moment on national TV in front of a live studio audience.

What made him take the plunge into the #bitcoin rabbit hole?

Why is he willing to stand up to put his name and title on the line to push the message of #bitcoin and to accelerate adoption.

Who were the people that helped shape his thinking and why was Low Time Preference the key to unlocking his #bitcoin mind?

What would it mean to Serbian people to have sound money again and why does he feel such a responsibility to speak up about it?

Why was his family exiled from Serbia and has his appearance in the country as a royal ruffled any state feathers?
A huge thank you to @PrincFilip1 for coming on the show to discuss his thoughts about #bitcoin and much more.
We all stand as plebs.

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1,000 sats
Mar 24 2022
Two Princes combine. LFG.
1,000 sats
Mar 25 2022
Awesome episode! Love how much of a Bitcoin maximalist Prince Philip. He sounds like me when talking about Bitcoin, the EU or ESG. Incredible.
100 sats
Mar 24 2022
shitcoinery 😂 said like a true Maximalist 💪
100 sats
Mar 24 2022
50 sats
Mar 25 2022
Awesome show!
50 sats
Mar 25 2022
awesome show!
50 sats
Mar 24 2022
Fiat tend to zero. get some sats.
41 sats
Aug 20 2022