@obi - Introducing A New Way To Custody #Bitcoin! #267
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@obi - Introducing A New Way To Custody #Bitcoin! #267

Jul 21 2022 • 1hr 36m
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Today's guest on the show is @obi who joins me to talk about the launch of @fedimint !

Why did @obi sell out of the longest UK-running Bitcoin-only exchange Coinfloor?

How did @obi end up being selected as one of the members of the @btrustteam who have been given the mandate of overseeing 500 #Bitcoin donated by @Jack and Jay Z?

What is @fedimint and @fedibtc and why does @obi believe this will help introduce billions of people to #Bitcoin?

Huge thanks to @obi for coming on the show and choosing Once Bitten to help him spread this message!

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2,100 sats
Jul 27 2022
cheers obi
500 sats
Jul 22 2022
Love the idea I'd prob totally do this in the future I am the only one in my family that I know of who has a bitcoin node I dont know if they'd ever get one but only time will tell.... cheers
Jul 26 2022
thanks for listening brother, early days, but I see this being big too!
300 sats
Jul 22 2022
101 sats
Jul 24 2022
Excellent piece Daniel. Thanks
Jul 26 2022
thank you for tuning in!!
50 sats
Jul 23 2022
50 sats
Aug 11 2022
5 sats
Jul 29 2022
3 sats
Jul 27 2022