@dabiggapicta - A View Of A #bitcoin Pleb stuck Inside Asset Management. #202
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@dabiggapicta - A View Of A #bitcoin Pleb stuck Inside Asset Management. #202

Oct 17 2021 • 1hr 44m
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Today's guest on the show is @dabiggapicta, a #bitcoin pleb with entrenched within the Fiat legacy Asset Management system with a message and some thoughts to share.
Join @dabiggapicta and I as we take a walk in his shoes stuck between two diametrically opposed monetary system.
How is it affecting his thoughts and why are the people he sees working within the legacy financial system going to be the last ones to understand the true nature of #Bitcoin?
What will a hyperbitcoinised world look like and will there even be a need for stock markets if all fiat ends up being erased?
A huge thank you to @dabiggapicta for reaching out and taking the time to come on the show!
I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.
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