@thibm_ Launching A #Bitcoin Business Against All The Odds. #180
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@thibm_ Launching A #Bitcoin Business Against All The Odds. #180

Aug 5 2021 • 1hr 31m
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Today's guest on the show is @thibm_ who joins me to talk about launching @DuxReserve

What challenges has @thibm_ faced whilst trying to get a #bitcoin business off the ground in heavily regulated France?

How does he hope to help people bank with their fiat and save into #bitcoin?

Why was he questioned at customs when he entered the US and why did 5 customs officers accost him at a French airport when returning from the #Bitcoin conference in Miami?

Should big corporations or High Net Worth Individuals consider the services of @KnoxCustody?

A huge thank you to @thibm_ for coming on the show and huge respect for everything you are doing in the space!

I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

Thank you:

@coinfloor @swanbitcoin @relai_ch @ShiftCryptoHQ for your trust and support. @jimreapermusic for creating @hodlerthanthou and the Britcoiners @twentyoneism.

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