1591 - "Half-Jacked"
No Agenda

1591 - "Half-Jacked"

17 Sep β€’ 3hr 4m
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No Agenda Episode 1591 - "Half-Jacked"

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Sir Son-of-a-Bloke
Sir Touchypuss of the Gallatin County Fairgrounds
Linda Lupatkin
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15,500 sats
19 Sep
Shoutout to all the NA Bitcoiners.
12,345 sats
29 Sep
8,008 sats
17 Sep
2,000 sats
18 Sep
in the mornin
1,591 sats
17 Sep
fuck trump. he deserves one thing, a rope party. everything covid related is his doing. everything his cult is pissed at Biden for, Trump started.
1,591 sats
17 Sep
a mexican company named Bimbo bought the Hostess brands (twinkies etc)
19 Sep
one of the best brand names i've ever heard πŸ˜„ are the local sister companys called "lil nigga'?" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
19 Sep
oh I would love to see the uproar over something like that. its pronounced beem-bo though as its a spanish word. guess the owner didnt realize what it means to the north.
521 sats
19 Sep
500 sats
19 Sep
500 sats
17 Sep
Thank you for your courage
333 sats
18 Sep
how about that theory?: Ai has stolen the missing F-35 during an "Ai-testflight". just a few days ago i've seen a video where an Ai was doing dogfight training and they were proud like hell and bragging about it jow good it worked. now a jet ejected it's pilot and the stealth fighter jet has disappeared. ROFL
250 sats
19 Sep
126 sats
18 Sep
Abbott stinks - he should use the National Guard to prevent entry. Defend his states boarder from envision. But he is just a big mouthed bitch.
111 sats
18 Sep
you are the very best podcast in the universe
111 sats
18 Sep
Health Karma for all
100 sats
18 Sep
isn’t he married to a Rothschild woman?
19 Sep
who? because i have a thought in my head, but i can't remember. i guess you are talking about the kennedys. i think that one that was killed in small aviation device was married to a kennedy. or JFK. but when you type these kind of search querys, you land in a dozen of rabbitholes. πŸ˜„πŸ₯‚