CD104: Bitcoin 2023 Debrief with Christian Keroles
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CD104: Bitcoin 2023 Debrief with Christian Keroles

1 Jun • 1hr 58m
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TOPICS: Bitcoin 2023 Review, Looking Forward to Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville

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111,111 sats
3 Jun
Odell provides the clearest signal in the space. Wise beyond his years!
69,420 sats
1 Jun
Nice. First time booster. Beyond greatful for all the amazing information and knowledge available through your show. Stay up G. Stay humble, Stack sats. Cheers
5 Jun
69,420 sats
19 Jun
test. (1st gave error)
test - failed
50,021 sats
17 Jun
Thank you for your time Odell.. everyone should follow the erik99 advice below..
50,000 sats
1 Jun
stay humble, stack sats
23,456 sats
2 Jun
great job BTC mag, an all around excellent event. anyone bitching about the wizards should've been learning about miniscript during that time instead
22,222 sats
2 Jun
as always, high signal to noise with solid and helpful insights
11,111 sats
10 Jun
i liked gun guy more
5,432 sats
6 Jun
That Bobby Lee Ballet Crypto “Wallet” sponsor money to hard to pass up hey CK? when I saw a full page AD for this “Cold wallet” in Bitcoin magazine I called it out and it was defended by the BM team as “its fine, suggest better sponsors then” WHAT? Now Bobby shilling it at the Conf? SHAME on you guys for sharing a super Dangerous As Fuck product to your viewers and readers. Yes Dangerous… how are you guys going to feel WHEN ballet users get rugged?
6 Jun
Sorry, Matt rightfully brought it up…
5,000 sats
2 Jun
got my Nashville tickets LFG!! 🔥
1,337 sats
5 Jun
Good Rip. Udi can definitely Go Fuck Himself. Absolute 100% purposeful bad faith actor. Definitely listen to the POV Crypto pod that Matt was on a few years ago. It was spot on when it came out and still is today.
1,000 sats
4 Jun
useful to hear opinions and thought behind the speakers at 2023 and past btc confs.
1,000 sats
7 Jun
611 sats
1 Jun
Every company will eventually be a bitcoin company. Any bitcoin home builders in Nashville? Asking for a humble pleb looking to relocate.
521 sats
17 Jun
500 sats
5 Jun
250 sats
1 Jun
Stay humble & stack Sats!
200 sats
7 Jun
flashback to the 2021 conference in Wynnwood #linegate -- normie accountant and lawyer sitting next to me were astonished that "none of these people were wearing masks". 😂.
100 sats
14 Jun