Hyperinflation Warning Signs!! W/ Drew MacMartin FTM 007
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Hyperinflation Warning Signs!! W/ Drew MacMartin FTM 007

Feb 5 2022 • 1hr 57m
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Show Notes

Today I’m interviewing Drew MacMartin whose another Bitcoiner who has some written some fascinating articles on the state of Bitcoin and hyperinflation. We discuss all the topics below plus so much more
0:00: intro
01:30 Welcome Drew MacMartin
01:18 Drew MacMartin Background
09:34 The Fiat Ponzi & doing the work
18:56 Bullish adoptions
22:38 Fiat mentality
25:39 Hyperinflation charts
37:45 Hugo “Inflation King of 1920’s Germany” Stinnes
49:58 Seperation of money and state / Bitcoin standard / How do things play out?
58:49 When money dies
01:11:37 What Collapsed the Roman Empire
01:17:15 The opportunity in the CRASH
01:26:55 New BIG money entering Bitcoin will trigger a SUPERCYCLE
01:53:29 Conclusion Buy & Never Sell

You can find Drew on Twitter here
You can find Luke on twitter at
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