Episode 61: Tell me you aren't decentralized without...
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Episode 61: Tell me you aren't decentralized without...

29 Jan • 1hr 10m
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Show Notes

Strike Announces Clover Point of Sale Beta Program (, enabling self custodial lightning use with merchant terminals
Next ETH upgrade is a fascinating dumpster fire (
ETH holders have been able to stake their coins since the Beacon Chain, Ethereum’s Proof of Stake consensus layer, went live in Dec. 2020.
many stakers expected withdrawals to be enabled last year.
More than 16M Ether worth more than $26B is staked on the Beacon Chain.
Roughly 14% of Ethereum's total supply is currently locked up in staking pools.
More: Ethereum Takes Big Step Closer to Shanghai Upgrade - The Defiant (
Prime Trust is withdrawing from Texas ( due to a failed Money Transmitter License application
Prime keeps theirlicense disclosures public and up to date on their site.
[Prime Trust] Licenses Disclosures(
Fold⚡️ (, a Prime Trust Customer, explains the situation
White House statement on digital assets (
Anounces and R&D agenda ( that will try to guide crypto development
Goldman Sachs Awkwardly Describes Bitcoin as Best Performing Asset of 2023 (
Bitcoin is a vehicle for fraudsters, warns Goldman Sachs boss ( in 2017
Oklo and Compass secure a 20-year commercial partnership to launch advanced fission-powered bitcoin mining. (
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin optech #235 covers ephermeral anchors (
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Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (, details here (
The goofy Bitcoin Rainbow Chart (
Chris is watching: Peach App (
Peach Bitcoin: a new mobile app for private bitcoin exchange (
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5,000 sats
31 Jan
Off topic correction: Microsoft does have code signing, and they've started warning about unsigned installers, but its a poorly implemented dumpster fire full of paid middle men just like most things over there. The amount of time and money I've seen companies go through to create exe installers and sign their software boggles the mind.
4,040 sats
30 Jan
Enjoy it as usual gents.
3,210 sats
4 Feb
Boosting just cuz
1,001 sats
31 Jan
I'm curious about the hype with robosats when bisq exists. I understand lightening for boosts, daily spending, etc. but why go robosats to moon to sparrow when you could just do it all on chain? Robosats also seemed not fully baked when I tried it. I saw potential but some parts of the ui seemed clunky.
500 sats
31 Jan
Bush " the thing rolling on adoption...". wait, what?
100 sats
30 Jan
I am not simply anti-Bitcoin. If you want to get comments via Boost, and since I don't have to use real money to Boost, I am happy to Boost. Even if you really believe in Bitcoin, your retirement is too important to risk on something unproven. Land, ROTH IRAs, and bonds are all much safer bets. I don't want anyone to get hurt: even Bitcoin developers lose it all. Don't hoard cash in your mattress. You are not a better bank than the bank.
You're also cheap.
Dad this has been such time well spent… Great info and firming my understanding of adoption and Bitcoin is where it’s at.