150. The Cancer-Diet Connection with Sam Apple
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150. The Cancer-Diet Connection with Sam Apple

10 Jan • 1hr 38m
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Sam Apple joins us to discuss his fascinating book 'Ravenous: Otto Warburg, the Nazis, and the Search for the Cancer-Diet Connection'. We discuss the connection between diet and cancer, and the Warburg Effect, which states that cancer cells thrive on dietary glucose, and why Sam thinks it's not entirely accurate because it ignores the role of insulin resistance. We also discuss Hitler's fascination with cancer research, which allowed Warburg to survive the Nazi era even though he was Jewish and gay, and Hitler's infamous addiction to sugar. We further discuss why this enormously important work has been ignored in modern science, why alternative genetic hypotheses are woefully inadequate, whether modern medicine can be reformed to focus on dietary causes of disease, and, of course, how bitcoin fixes this!References (All links are available on Apple’s official website.Buy Sam’s book on Amazon, The Book Shop and Norton.Chris PalmerEcontalk with Gary TaubesThe Nazi War on Cancer by Robert N. Proctor Lewis Cantley Harvard pageEnjoyed this episode? You can take part in podcast seminars, access Saifedean’s courses – including his ongoing course ECO22: The Fiat Standard – and read chapters of his forthcoming book, Principles of Economics, by becoming a member. Find out more here.
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12 Jan
interesting discussion don’t agree with everything but most of it make sense
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21 Jan
Saifedean is at his best when he’s explaining why it’s impossible for other people to perform economic calculation for you. While I think I agree that some day we may look back on sugar as a poison, I think it’s always important to reflect on all of the economic calculation humans do to decide what to eat, and how it’s a bit contradictory to say that there is 1 single way for everyone to eat.
500 sats
10 Jan
Great podcast from a rancher focusing on pastured raised beef and lamb and now bitcoiner!
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3 Feb
my child fiat doctor gave candy to children