35. An Austrian in Pyongyang!

35. An Austrian in Pyongyang!

The Bitcoin Standard Podcast

In this podcast we talk to Peter Young, a regular attendee of our seminars and student of Austrian economics, who has spent a lot of time traveling to North Korea. Peter gives us his perspective on the communist economic system and how it functions, through the lens of the Austrian economics.

You can follow Peter on Twitter using the handle @petermiyoung.

His Medium page contains a list of his threads on economics.

Books Referenced

Andrei Lankov – The Real North Korea (2013)

Paul French – North Korea: State of Paranoia (2014)

B.R. Myers - The Cleanest Race (2010)

Robert L. Schuettinger & Eamonn Butler - Forty Centuries of Wage and Price Controls: How Not to Fight Inflation (1979)


YouTube video showing a DPRK market before and after the 2009 currency reform.

Andrei Lankov discussion of Kim Jong Un land reforms.

B.R. Myers discussion of DPRK economy and Hikikomori state.


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