Disrespecting single points of failure ft. Tyler Campbell
Talking In Bits

Disrespecting single points of failure ft. Tyler Campbell

15 Feb • 1hr 33m
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Show Notes

In episode 92, we’re back with VP of Concierge at Unchained, Tyler Campbell
- Tyler's Unchained growth
-The oak tree business analogy
-Unchained in 25 years
-Education in bitcoin
-Their way or the bitcoin way
-Single points of failure
-Information access
-Watch the charlatans
-Is Wagyu a shitcoin?
-Is this a shitcoin or not segment
-Raw milk
-Leather seats
-Value for value
-NFL league and jerseys
-A sports family
- Running
- A bit on ordinals
And more!
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19,760 sats
16 Feb
Hey... Not all Jerseys are Shit Coins. -- Excellent episode and definitely continue the Shit Coin or Not segment. 🤣😂
15,000 sats
19 Feb
jose ypu are a wierdo, but you are out weirdo. oh yesh and sonetimes you sjould eat a piece of pie. it wont kill you
5,555 sats
18 Feb
"Wagu is a shitcoin" ..brilliant!
1,000 sats
16 Feb
256 sats
15 Feb
Great episode, wish some one would make verifying software/firmware less scary and user friendly.