40 - Don Jeffries on Hidden History
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40 - Don Jeffries on Hidden History

14 Oct • 1hr 4m
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Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Don Jeffries, a historian and investigator who does not shy away from looking into conspiracies and challenging the dominant interpretations of world events. They discuss disturbing little known facts about America’s past: from the Constitution to the twentieth century. Links → → → → Watchman Privacy → (newsletter, consultation requests) → →   Bitcoin Privacy Course →   Monero Donation Address (If you can't see the whole string, double click in the middle to select all) →8829DiYwJ344peEM7SzUspMtgUWKAjGJRHmu4Q6R8kEWMpafiXPPNBkeRBhNPK6sw27urqqMYTWWXZrsX6BLRrj7HiooPAy   Please subscribe to and rate this podcast wherever you can to help it thrive. Thank you! Timeline 0:00 – Beginning 4:23 – Why is it so important to study history? 10:04 – Was the American Constitution a good thing for privacy and decentralization?  14:21 – Abraham Lincoln role in centralization: the first American dictator? 22:09 – A pivotal period: 1900-1920 26:38 – Woodrow Wilson: government as mother and father 33:09 – Why do Court Historians exist? 40:50 – How can we know what is true in history? 47:20 – Why do so many historical figures not have autopsies?  51:06 – What happened to John McAfee 53:30 – Are you afraid of getting knocked off? 57:52 – Escaping cancel culture
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